Carrollwood Village Skatepark

Carrollwood Village Skatepark

The Carrollwood Village Skatepark is a 7,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located in Tampa, Florida that first opened in 2020. The park contains a number of different transition and street-style elements including a crowd-favorite mini-ramp and a pump track.

The park was designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch in collaboration with the city of Tampa and the local skateboarding community. 

Carrollwood Village Skatepark Details

LocationTampa, Florida
Address4680 West Village Drive
Tampa, Florida 33624
Coordinates28.07056, -82.52569
FeaturesPump track, mini-ramp, hubbas, handrails, flat rails, quarter pipes, ledges, benches, banks, fun box, roll-ins, cradle, curbs, and stairs. 
Size7,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to 10 pm
FeeNo Cost
Phone(813) 269-2466
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Carrollwood Village Skatepark Overview

Carrollwood Village Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Carrollwood Village Skatepark is located in Carrollwood Village Park in Hillsborough County, Florida. The park is located in the northwestern part of the county, approximately 9 miles north-northwest of downtown Tampa. The park is a nice addition to Florida’s skatepark lineup.

One of the main highlights of the Carrollwood Village Skatepark is the pump track. The pump track contains a basic elongated elliptical shape with two large curbed wall embankments at the top and bottom. The longer portions of the pump track contain several rollers to help keep your momentum going as you flow endlessly through the track.

Carrollwood Village Skatepark
Carrollwood Village Skatepark

Next to the pump track is the street plaza nestled comfortably between two large quarterpipe walls. At one end of the street plaza, the quarterpipe can be used to drop into the plaza or you can skate a little off to the side and find the famous mini-ramp that many people love.

The mini-ramp is the perfect place for skaters to get lost in a rhythm riding back and forth, stalling on and grinding the coping, and practicing various aerial tricks. 

Carrollwood Village Skatepark

When you are tired of the pump track and mini-ramp, the street plaza offers some challenging obstacles to keep you entertained. The hubbas and handrails may be considered a little too high for younger skaters, or for skaters just starting out.

Carrollwood Village Skatepark

But for intermediate and veteran skaters, the hubbas and rails are perfect to help take your skills to the next level. Between one of the hubbas and handrails, there is a beautiful five-stair as well. For newer skaters, there is a manual pad with grindable edges and a low-sitting flat rail off to the side. 

Carrollwood Village Skatepark
Carrollwood Village Skatepark

The quarterpipe at the top side of the park has some stairs for you to climb up to the top of the quarterpipe, providing you with the perfect place to drop in and garner speed before choosing one of the many street obstacles below to trick on. 

Another cool thing about the Carrollwood Village Skatepark is that it is a well-known park for having local professional skaters drop by on the regular. Many Tamp area professional skaters go to the Carrollwood Village Skatepark for photoshoots and to practice their skills before hitting the streets of Tampa. 

The Carrollwood Village Skatepark is open from sunrise to 10 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to skaters of all ages and skill levels.

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