Sea Isle City Skatepark

Sea Isle City Skatepark

Sea Isle City Skatepark is a 6,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Sea Isle City, New Jersey that first opened in 2013. Before Spohn ranch was commissioned to design and construct a brand-new skatepark for the residents of Sea Isle City, the Sea Isle City Skatepark was merely a collection of handmade plywood ramps and some rough asphalt surfaces. 


LocationSea Isle City, New Jersey
Address5926 Sounds Ave
Sea Isle City, New Jersey 08243
Coordinates39.14328, -74.70482
FeaturesA quarterpipe, London gap, fun box, manual pad, handrails, flat rails, kickers, ledges, gaps, banks, stairs, and a mini-ramp.
Size6,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates
ConstructionConcrete, shotcrete, engineered foam, and recycled asphalt.
HoursSunrise to 10 pm
FeeNo cost
Phone(609) 263-8687
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Sea Isle City Skatepark Overview

The new Sea Isle City Skatepark constructed by Spohn Ranch modernized the skatepark using concrete, shotcrete, engineered foam, and the recycled asphalt that was dug up from the old skatepark.

The new concrete surfaces are much smoother and provide skaters with an enjoyable skate experience whether they simply cruising around the park or hitting one of the many street plaza elements. 

Sea Isle City Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Although the Sea Isle City Skatepark lacks a bowl or a snake run for our transition-style skaters, there is still a small mini-ramp at the park that many skaters love. They love the mini-ramp because they can go back and forth continuously, practice their lip tricks and airs. A skater could spend hours in a mini-ramp and be entertained. 

Part of the reason the Spohn Ranch design team focused on having an extensive street plaza section rather than a bowl was because of the shape and limited space of the skatepark. That being said, street skaters will love the various features that the Sea Isle City Skatepark has to offer. 

Sea Isle City Skatepark

Some of the main highlights of the park include the hubbas. The hubbas are set at the perfect height for both intermediate and novice skaters. The first hubba is paired with a handrail on a four-stair with a ramp in the middle.

Sea Isle City Skatepark

The cement hubba is nicely framed with metal edging to create a nice smooth surface to easily grind and slide. The handrail is also set at a nice height for a skater to run up on and slip into a back-side boardslide before popping off and flowing directly into a kicker gap or another flat rail or hubba. 

Sea Isle City Skatepark

At the far end of the park is a large quarterpipe with a mouse-hole gap that skaters can enjoy before turning around to hit the kicker, flat rail, hubba, and manual pad combination. There is also a freestanding ultra-low flat rail, another manual pad to ledge combination, and a skateable sculpture that makes up the street plaza. 

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