Deleo Park Skatepark

Deleo Park Skatepark

Deleo Park Skatepark also referred to as Corona Skatepark, is a smaller 4,000-square-foot skatepark located just south of Corona, California off Interstate 15. The park was designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch to offer a positive alternative to the team sports focus of the larger Deleo Park Sports Complex. 

Deleo Skatepark Details

LocationCorona, California
Address25655 Santiago Canyon Road
Corona, California 92883
Coordinates33.74397, -117.46363
FeaturesLedges, hubbas, kicker gap, banks, quarterpipe, and a manual pad. 
Size4,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(951) 955-3313
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Deleo Skatepark Overview

When you first look at the Deleo Park Skatepark, you may not be too impressed with its size, however, once you start skating it, you realize how much fun this park is to ride and how smooth all its surfaces are. The park is well-designed to maximize the limited amount of space there is. 

Deleo Park Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

On each end of the skatepark, you will find Spohn Ranch’s signature rainbow quarterpipes. These smaller more round ramps have coping around the entire outer edge of the ramp. Drop in or turn around on either of these ramps before hitting up the middle street plaza section. Everything in the street plaza is extra smooth with a curvy design. 

There is a kicker gap, a bell-shaped hubba, and a curvy manual pad with a gap to an additional manual pad. There is also a simple roller that you can either skate over or use to launch yourself up onto the hubba. With the rainbow ramps on each end of the park, you can skate a continuous loop hitting the street plaza each time only to turn around and hit the street plaza once again.

Deleo Park Skatepark

You are free to hit any of the street elements at any pass. A real challenge would be to drop in from one of the rainbow ramps, pop up onto the manual pad, and then kickflip from one manual pad to the other clearing the small gap that separates them. 

Deleo Park Skatepark

Off to one side of the middle section, you have a standard manual pad that is not curvy like the others. Additionally, you will find a stand-alone flat rail with plenty of space on either end to act as a runway. Many skaters love to hit this rail all day to practice their board slides and crooked grinds. Also, because the rail sits so low, veteran skaters can practice their kickflip to 50 grinds and other more technical tricks. 

Deleo Park Skatepark
Deleo Park Skatepark

Overall, the Deleo Park Skatepark seems to have been designed with the younger skater in mind. The park is perfect for beginners who are trying to work on their skills and get the experience they need to venture to much larger parks. Additionally, the park is great for older and more veteran skaters who live in the area and want to have a relaxing afternoon skate session, or who want to brush up on their skills. 

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