Farm Pond Skatepark (aka Framingham Skatepark)

Farm Pond Skatepark

The Farm Pond Skatepark is a 10,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located in Framingham, Massachusetts, a smaller community about halfway between Boston and Worchester.

The skate park was designed by Pillar Design Studios and construction was completed by Artisan Skate Parks in 2018. The park was designed with the help of local residents who participated in two separate design workshops with City Officials and Pillar Design Studios.

Farm Pond Skatepark Details

LocationFramingham, Massachusettes
AddressFarm Pond ParkDudley Road Framingham, Massachusettes 01702
Coordinates42.27851, -71.42851
FeaturesMini-ramp, open bowl, quarterpipe, spine, corners, fun box, roll-ins, stairs, ledges, banks, handrails, a wall-ride, and a manual pad. 
Size10,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(508) 532-5411
Design/BuildPillar Design Studios

Farm Pond Skatepark Overview

Farm Pond Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Pillar Design Studio.

When approaching the Farm Pond Skatepark from the adjacent paved walking path, you will immediately come upon a nice five stair to clear before entering the rest of the park. Kickflip down the stairs before dropping in on the quarterpipe leading you into the middle of the park.

In the middle of the skatepark, you will find that you are actually in an extra-large open bowl with three different hips to skate in. Skate the curves of the hips, grind the coping, and maintain your speed as you fly around the open bowl and hit the various street elements inside. 

Farm Pond Skatepark

Also, within one of the three hips of the open bowl, there is an extra-high vert wall ride that many skaters love. Pop a stall or handplant on the vert wall before dropping back into the street plaza section.

In the street plaza section, there are several different ledges for grinds and board slides, a kicker gap, a low-sitting flat rail, and plenty of rollers, banks, and quarterpipe access to maintain a continuous flow throughout the park. 

The Farm Pond Skatepark is the perfect park for newer to intermediate skaters looking to master their transition-style techniques as well as the different street elements located throughout the park. The open bowl is great for feeling what bowl skating would be like without needing to drop in on an enclosed bowl. 

Farm Pond Skatepark

The skate park is also located near the Paul F Barbieri Jr Elementary where younger skaters may come from when classes let out in the afternoon. If you are looking to skate at the Farm Pond Skatepark when it is not filled with younger skaters, then it would be best to come earlier in the day when the children are in school or later at night when they have already returned home.

The Farm Pond Skatepark is open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, as weather permits. The Framingham, Massachusetts area can get quite a bit of snowfall coupled with colder temperatures during the winter. It is at these times that the park is closed for safety reasons. 

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