Rhodes Park Skatepark

Rhodes Skatepark

The Rhodes Park Skatepark is a 32,750 square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located in Boise, Idaho. The park first opened in 1992, however, the park then reopened in 2019 after a serious redesign and remodel by Grindline Skateparks.

The redesign and remodel converted the old wooden/metal ramp skatepark design into an impressive and large modern concrete skatepark. Rhodes Park Skatepark attracts skaters from all over Idaho and the surrounding areas to enjoy this creatively designed park known for its impressive bowls and sprawling street plaza configuration. 


LocationBoise, Idaho
Address1555 West Front StreetBoise, Idaho 837302
Coordinates43.61829, -116.21376
FeaturesTwo large bowls, a quarterpipe, manual pads, London gap, stairs, ledges, banks, mini ramps, wallride, hubbas, curbs, flat rails, kickers, handrails, gaps, and a roll-in. 
Size32,750 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates
HoursSunrise to 11 pm
FeeNo cost
Phone(208) 608-7600
OpenedRemodeled and reopened in 2019
Design/BuildGrindline Skateparks

Rhodes Skatepark Overview

The first thing that stands out about the Rhodes Skatepark in Boise, Idaho is its location. Located beneath an overpass in central Boise, the Rhodes Skatepark has an urban skatepark feel like something you’d see in a movie.

The central location of the park located in the western part of downtown Boise also helps to bring skaters from all over the region to enjoy the park as well as the rest of the downtown area. 

Rhodes Skatepark Design
Images courtesy of Grindline Skateparks

Skaters come from all over Idaho to skate the two signature Grindline-designed bowls. The primary bowl has four main sections with various angles and depths that can keep a skater flowing from one far end of the bowl to the other without the need for pumping. The coping is ideal for grinding and board stalls. 

The second bowl is smaller but deeper with a rounded rectangle section perpendicular 90 degrees to another rounded rectangle section that is capped off with a nice half-circle bowl. 

Rhodes Skatepark Design

Although the bowls at Rhodes Skatepark are impressive, the street plaza arguably is even more impressive. Compared to other parks in the US, Grindline really did an incredible job making this large and expansive street section. 

The street plaza contains five different sets of small to medium-sized stairs, five different flat rails and handrails to grind, and several manual pads and funboxes. Separating the street plaza from the primary bowl is a long barrier that doubles as a skateable embankment with coping and a small roll-in ramp. 

Rhodes Skatepark Design

The best part about the street plaza is its layout. The layout is massive, and the way it is designed, allows a skater to feel free to spread out, gather up speed, and throw together runs hitting five, six, or seven different obstacles each run. 

One last thing worth mentioning about the Rhodes Skatepark is the fact that the City of Boise maintains webcams online where you can check-in and watch skaters shredding the bowls and street plaza any day of the week. 

Here’s a video from the ride channel of pros such as Nyjah Huston skating the Boise park:

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