Skatepark of Baltimore

Skatepark of Baltimore

The Skatepark of Baltimore is a 16,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located in Baltimore, Maryland. The skatepark opened in 2014 after a decade of planning by Stephanie Murdock and other residents of the Baltimore area.

The park was designed and constructed by Pillar Design Studios with funds from the Abell and Tony Hawk Foundation. The city of Baltimore also contributed $200,000, however, a large portion of the funds were solicited by local skaters through fundraisers. 

Skatepark of Baltimore Details

LocationBaltimore, Maryland
Address1201 West 36th Street Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Coordinates39.32997, -76.63597
FeaturesBowl, quarter pipes, roll-ins, stairs, hubbas, fun box, volcano, ledges, banks, benches, and a manual pad.
Size16,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
Hours7 am to 10 pm as weather permits.
FeeNo Cost
Phone(410) 916-5570
Design/BuildPillar Design Studios

Skatepark Overview

Skatepark of Baltimore

The biggest highlight of the Skatepark of Baltimore is the beautifully painted large bowl. The bowl is comprised of a kidney bowl attached to a half-circular rectangular bowl. From the air, the shape resembles a sock. 

Many skaters love the bowl at the Skatepark of Baltimore because of its smooth shape. There is no awkwardness in the design allowing you to flow freely up and down the walls of the bowl. 

Next to the bowl is the street plaza. To get from the bowl area to the street plaza, you have two quarterpipes on either end of the park to drop in on, a bank, and a roll-in. 

Once you get into the street plaza area, you may be impressed by the size and openness of the area. The openness of the area allows for many skaters to be in the park at the same time without feeling claustrophobic. 

Skatepark of Baltimore
Skatepark of Baltimore from the air. Photos courtesy of Pillar Design Studios.

There is one large quarterpipe with a vert addition on one side of the plaza area. Drop in from this end of the park and you can decide to hang to the right and hit the fun box with elevated ledges, or hang to the left to experiment on a manual pad/ledge combo that is built directly into another quarter pipe.

This combination allows for some creative trick combinations as you experiment with how you would like to hit the manual pad, grind the ledge, ride the wall of the quarterpipe, and grind the upper coping of the quarterpipe. 

In the far corner of the park, there is a large elevated platform that provides plenty of space for a solid runway. The runway leads to a five-stair on one side, a flat rail on the other, and a drop-in quarterpipe in the center. 

Skatepark of Baltimore

In the center of the park is an additional large platform shaped like a volcano. Along the edges of this structure, there are grindable coping, banks, and roll-ins.

Although it took a lot of planning and fundraising to get the Skatepark of Baltimore constructed, the effort and hard work of the local skaters really paid off. 

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