How to Fix Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

Tensor Maglight ATG Trucks

I recently bought a new pair of skateboard trucks (Tensor Maglight ATGs) and replaced the stock bushings with medium hardness Bones Bushings. The bushings and trucks rode well, but they made a lot of noise, squeaking and clicking when I turned.

While a little squeaking is expected of skateboard trucks, it’s pretty distracting when they make a lot of noise. To figure out how to fix my squeaky trucks, I hit the internet for a solution. I came across a couple of recommended solutions: lubricating the trucks and bushings with wax and using graphite powder.

I didn’t have any graphite powder but did have some wax. Below are the steps I took to wax my trucks and bushings, which have worked really well to stop the squeaking and clicking.

Tools Needed

You’ll need a wrench for your kingpin nut and some wax. There are many skate tools on the market, but I’m a fan of the ones made by Silver Truck Co.

The one pictured is the model I own and it does a great job. It’s even got a file on the side for edging your grip tape. You can pick on up on Amazon for $20 – $30 as I’m writing this.

I used the same basic wax block I use for curbs and ledges. Shorty’s makes curb wax that will do the trick and serve multiple purposes.

Step 1: Take apart trucks

The first step is to take your truck apart by removing the kingpin nut. You don’t need to take the trucks off you deck if they are already attached. Once the kingpin nut is removed, lift the hanger out of the baseplate and remove the washers and bushings.

Step 2: Wax trucks, kingpin, and bushings

To reduce friction, you’ll need to rub wax on the parts of the bushings, kingpin, and trucks that rub together. On the trucks, the key areas are the part of the hanger that fits into the pivot cup, and a portion of the base plate where the kingpin protrudes, where the bottom bushing will rest.

Squeaky Skateboard Trucks Fix

I also rubbed some wax on the tops and bottoms of the bushings, where they contact the trucks and washers. Lastly, I waked the kingpin, including the threaded portion.

Wax on, squeak off

Using paraffin to wax the areas of the trucks, kingpin, and bushings mentioned above did wonders for my setup. My trucks stopped squeaking and clicking, presumably because the wax lubricated the spots where things were rubbing against each other.

You may need to do this on a regular basis to prevent your trucks from squeaking, but it’s pretty simple and only takes 5 to 10 minutes. It’s worth the effort to have a board that sounds good (or at least not like an annoying little bird chirping in your ear while you try to focus).

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