Artivio Guerrero Skatepark

Artivio Guerrero Skatepark

The Artivio Guerrero Skatepark is a small 3,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark built by Spohn Ranch for the city of Sacramento, California in 2014.

The skatepark is part of the larger Artivio Guerrero Park that serves the surrounding neighborhoods of Fruitridege Manor and Cloverdale Village in Southeast Sacramento.

Skatepark details

LocationSacramento, California
Address6000 61st Street Sacramento, California 95824
Coordinates38.51760, -121.43438
FeaturesCorners, ledges, rails, manual pad
Size3,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(916) 808-5200
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Skatepark Overview

If you are an older or more experienced skater, you may want to skip over the Artivio Guerrero Skatepark for something much bigger. The park seems to be more designed with the younger or newer skateboarder in mind. That being said, there is still plenty of terrain for anyone who is looking to practice their grinds and board slides on rails, ledges, and a nice smooth corner with coping. 

Artivio Guerrero Skatepark
Images courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

The perfect circle layout is kind of a work of art when you look at it. Its Zen-like simplicity has three main points of interest along the circle’s perimeter. There are two curved ledges on two points and then a nice tall corner pipe with coping. If one would care to, they could skate the circle endlessly while deciding when they wanted to skate up the corner pipe or tail slide one of the ledges.

In the middle of the skatepark is a circular manual pad. The circular manual pad is perfectly placed so that if you wanted to drop in on the corner pipe, you could have enough speed to set your feet and ollie up onto the pad while riding your back wheels until the very end. 

Around the circular manual pad, there are two low-sitting handrails. The handrails are curved slightly, so if you wanted to practice a 50-50 grind while going around a slight curve, this would be the place to do it. 

Again, this park may be better for new skaters or for children. If you are an older skater living in the Sacramento area and you would like to introduce one of your children to the sport, then you would love the Artivio Guerrero Skatepark. 

Aside from the skatepark, the rest of Artivio Guerrero Park contains a playground, a group picnic area, some fitness equipment, and a small water area for toddlers to stay cool in the summer. The park is open from 9 am to 8 pm seven days a week. 

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