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Arvada Skatepark wave

Arvada Skatepark is a 40,000 square-foot concrete park in Arvada, Colorado, that includes two bowls, a massive snake run, a flow bowl section, and an expansive street plaza.


LocationArvada, Colorado
AddressWest 72nd Avenue
Northwest Arvada, CO 80005
FeaturesTwo bowls, snake run, flow bowl, street plaza, banks, quarter pipe, stairs, flat rail, handrail, ledges, hips, and more
Riding AllowedSkateboards
HoursSunrise to 10 pm

Arvada Skatepark Overview

One of the largest skateparks in Colorado, Arvada Skatepark was designed and built by the OG skatepark company Team Pain and completed in 2012.

Arvada Skatepark aerial view

This park stands out for its size and number of features as well as some unique elements, including a massive snake run.

Arvada has two stand-alone enclosed bowls: a T-shaped vert bowl and a keyhole-shaped mini bowl. There is also a deep bowl and mini-bowl at the top of the snake run. The shallow end of the snake run has an over-vert capsule with a door in the middle.

Arvada Skatepark snakerun
Looking down the snakerun.

Also near the shallow end of the snake run is a squarish flow bowl with all sorts of extensions and outcrops. There’s even a pump bump in the flat.

The street plaza is large and creative. There are multiple levels, connect with banks and steps with handrails and hubbas. There are numerous hips, banks, quarter pipes, and other carvable, airable elements.

Arvada Skatepark street plaza
Arvada Skatepark street plaza

Team pain added a number of artistic flourishes here, including scalloped banks and a wave-like structure that looks like one of those public sculptures that skaters love to abuse.

This video provides a good overview of Arvada Skatepark:

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