Frisco Skatepark

Frisco Skatepark, Colorado

Frisco Skatepark is a 28,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Frisco, Colorado that first opened in 2019 after a massive $600k full renovation by the Evergreen Skateparks design and construction team. 

Frisco Skatepark is only one part of the much larger Frisco Adventure Park which was constructed by the town of Frisco for families and youth to enjoy various forms of adventure sports year-round.

Skatepark Details

LocationFrisco, Colorado
AddressFrisco Skatepark
621 Recreation Way
Frisco, CO 80443
Coordinates39.573691, -106.078082
FeaturesMultiple bowls, flow park, roll-ins, corners, quarter pipes, London Gap, handrails, flat rails, a mini-ramp, banks, ledges, hubbas, and a manual pad.
Size28,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates
HoursSunrise until Sunset as weather permits
FeeNo Cost
Phone(970) 668-2558
OpenedRemodeled in 2019
Design/BuildEvergreen Skateparks

Skatepark Overview

Immediately when you first look at the Frisco Skatepark, you may be thinking that you are looking at a close-up of the Lunar surface. That is because the main feature of the skate park is a massive series of bowls and flow terrain that moves mysteriously from one piece to the next.

Frisco Skatepark, Colorado
Frisco Skatepark, Colorado. Photos courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks.

It is memorizing to skate and it may cause some skaters to get lost … or at least to lose themselves in the endless amount of time they can move throughout these smooth concrete bowls remaining in perpetual motion without much need to pump.

Frisco Skatepark, Colorado
The flow bowls at Frisco Skatepark boggle the mind. So many lines.
Frisco Skatepark, Colorado

The interlinking bowls and flow terrain make a 270-degree loop where each end leads back into the street plaza and the entrance of the skatepark. The street plaza itself is not quite as impressive, however, there are still several elements that can keep street-style skaters happy. 

The street plaza has a lot of wide open space. There is plenty of room for many skaters to freely move throughout without bumping into each other or overcrowding.

Frisco Skatepark, Colorado
Aerial view of Frisco Skatepark.
Frisco Skatepark, Colorado
Part of the street section at Frisco Skatepark.

This smooth open space is perfect for freestyle skaters to practice their manuals, kickflips, hardflip, and basically any trick that they want to focus on developing. With all this room, it is quite easy to get up to speed and plant your feet before being concerned about other skaters. 

Other features of the street plaza are a low handrail and flat rail. One rail is long and flat, the other is sloped. Both are low to the ground and provide an excellent rail for younger skaters, and newer older skaters to practice all the grinds and board slides that they would like to master before hitting up bigger terrain like handrails on stairs sets. 

Frisco Skatepark, Colorado

In the middle of the street plaza, there is a nice wide manual pad where skaters can grind the edges, or ollie up and try to hold that nose manual for as long as possible. 

All skaters are strongly recommended to wear helmets and padding and skating is at your own risk. Children under the age of 12 are required to be supervised by an adult at all times. 

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