Best Skateparks in Austin, Texas

Taylor Skatepark

Austin is known as a cultural hub of Texas, with its booming music, arts, and restaurant scene. The city also boasts some terrific skateparks and below we’ll share a few that are worth a visit.

House Park Skatepark

House Park Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Newline Skateparks

House Park Skatepark is a large outdoor concrete skatepark located in downtown Austin that is popular among the city’s skaters and BMX crowd. The park has a large multi-section bowl and sprawling street plaza.

Northeast Metro Skatepark

Northeast Metro Skatepark
Photo courtesy of American Ramp Company.

Northeast Metro Skatepark is a 41,431-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Pflugerville, Texas, on the outskirts of Austin. The massive park features multiple bowls and street areas.

Mabel Davis Skatepark

Mabel Davis Skatepark Bowl
Photo courtesy Grindline Skatparks.

Mabel Davis Skatepark is a 15,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Austin that first opened in 2005. The park is well known for its massive waterfall bowl with one giant shallow pocket and multiple deep pockets. 

Taylor Skatepark (aka Pierce Park Skatepark)

Taylor Skatepark
Photo courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks.

Taylor Skatepark is a 16,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Taylor, Texas that first opened in 2018. Officially known as Pierce Park Skatepark, this flow park has everything that a transition-style skateboarder could ever dream of.

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