Gillette Skatepark

Gillette Skatepark

Gillette Skatepark is a 10,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Gillette, Wyoming. The skatepark was designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch in 2014, and the result was the creation of one of the most unique skateparks in the entire state of Wyoming. 

Skatepark Details

LocationGillette, Wyoming
Address2301 S 4-J RoadGillette, Wyoming 82718
Coordinates44.27222, -105.50909
FeaturesOpen bowl, quarterpipe, manual pad, mini-ramp, stairs, banks, ledges, gaps, handrails, kickers, and hubbas. 
Size10,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(307) 682-8527
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Skatepark Overview

Gillette Skatepark
Gillette Skatepark. Images courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

When the city of Gillette approached Spohn Ranch about constructing northeast Wyoming’s very first modern concrete skate facility, they gave Spohn Ranch a lot of freedom to pick the site location. After a site analysis of several locations, the spot on 4J Road was agreed upon as the best location for a new skate facility with very little environmental impact and good accessibility. 

Gillette Skatepark

Once the site was selected, Spohn Ranch worked with local skaters from the community to come up with a modern and unique design for the park. The main attraction at the Gillette Skatepark is by far the ¾ open bowl. Day after day you will find this bowl occupied by local skaters and skaters that travel from across the state of Montana for the opportunity to skate at this incredible Spohn Ranch skatepark.

On the opposite end of the park, a long winding pump track leads into the skatepark’s main part. The pump track has a kicker, skateable benches, and a few ledges. Skate the pump track into the park and there you will find a solid street plaza section. 

In the middle of the street plaza section, there is an elevated platform that is completely skateable with boulder sculptures on top. Use the elevated platform as a place to drop into any part of the street plaza section because of its central location.

Gillette Skatepark

The street plaza section contains several hubbas, ledges, handrails, and a set of rollers. All of these street-style obstacles surround the middle elevated platform section. Also, all of these street-style obstacles gradually flow down into the ¾ open bowl. 

Another interesting design feature of the skatepark is one side of the central elevated platform has a quarterpipe that has three separate top edges that are cut out to be shaped like the logo of the city of Gillette. One sharp mountain peak and three mesas, all with grindable coping. 

Gillette Skatepark

The Gillette Skatepark is by far one of the most unique skating experiences in the state of Wyoming with plenty of bowl, transition, and street-style elements to keep a wide range of skaters satisfied. The park is open from sunrise to sunset during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

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