Long Beach Skatepark NYC

Long Beach Skatepark New York

Long Beach Skatepark is a 7,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Long Beach, New York that first opened in 2015. The park is conveniently constructed in an area just south of Long Island, Newyork, and east of New York City.

When the Spohn Ranch design and construction team was called upon to complete this project, they took it upon themselves to meet with skateboarders from the local community to help brainstorm some ideas of how they would like to upgrade the metal ramps and asphalt skatepark that was currently sitting at the Pine Street location. 

Skatepark Details

LocationLong Beach, New York
Address98 West Pine StreetLong Beach, New York 11561
Coordinates40.59369, -73.66659
FeaturesA large bowl, quarterpipe, London gap, corners, hubbas, ledges, banks, handrails, flat rails, and stairs.
Size7,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates 
Hours7 am to 10 pm
FeeNo Cost
Phone(516) 431-3890
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Long Beach Skatepark Overview

Long Beach Skatepark New York
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

The Long Beach Skatepark in Long Beach, New York, not to be confused with Long Beach, California, is the east coast equivalent of a skatepark right on the water. The skatepark is located right near the Atlantic coastline giving stunning views and providing the most tranquil backdrop for summer evenings ripping and shredding this beautifully designed park. 

Long Beach Skatepark New York

This candy cane-shaped skatepark has one large bowl at one of the park and a half-open bowl at the other end. The 180-degree open bowl at the far end of the skatepark can also be treated as a mini-ramp if a skater would like to flow back and forth between the east and west faces.

Otherwise, the open bowl acts as the perfect turnaround spot for those who find themselves flying through the street plaza and launching themselves over the volcano that is centrally placed between the street plaza and the open bowl.

Long Beach Skatepark New York

The primary bowl has a nice roll-in located at the shallow end of the L-shaped bowl that flows down and hooks a sharp left where you will find an extra high wall where skaters can grind the coping with incredible speed. This bowl has an interesting shape that many skaters appreciate due to the way it opens up their creative skate techniques.

Long Beach Skatepark New York

Between the two different bowls lies a downward sloping street plaza that contains a mini quarterpipe where you can quickly get some speed before approaching a four-stair with a handrail down the center, banks on the sides, and two long ledges on the farsides of the street plaza.  Anyone of these obstacles is accessible depending on where you drop in on the mini quarterpipe. 

Long Beach Skatepark New York

Directly after the stair set, handrail, and ledges, you will then roll into another small area with a nice low-sitting flat rail, a set of rollers, and a pyramid with a crooked handrail. Hit one of these obstacles or skate on by to hit the volcano and the 180-degree open bowl. 

The Long Beach Skatepark in Long Beach, New York is open during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm.

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