Ponderosa Skatepark

Ponderosa Skatepark – Anaheim, California

Ponderosa Skatepark is a 10,000 square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in the Orange County, California town of Anaheim. The skatepark includes a large bowl and street plaza.


LocationAnaheim, Orange County, California
Address2100 S Haster Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
Coordinates33.795664, -117.905773
FeaturesBowl, street plaza
Size10,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
HoursDawn to dusk

Ponderosa Skatepark Overview

Ponderosa Skatepark

Ponderosa Skatepark is located in Ponderosa Park, a 9-acre community park next to Anaheim’s Ponderosa Elementary School. Designed and built by Grindline, one of the country’s premier skatepark companies, Ponderosa Skatepark opened in 2016 and reportedly cost around $640,000.

The skatepark has two sections, a street plaza and a bowl. The street plaza balances transition features with typical street park features.

Ponderosa Skatepark

Transitions features include a couple of volcanoes and several quarterpipes with hips. Street features include numerous ledges and manual pads, stairs with hubbas and handrails, flat rails, and more.

This video provides a tour of the street plaza:

The bowl has a fairly unusual shape, resembling a dog bone with four different pockets at two depths. The bowl is 5-feet-deep in the shallow and 8-feet-deep in the deep end. It has pool coping all around and a love seat in one of the shallow pockets.

Lead photo courtesy of Grindline.

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