Stanton Skatepark

Stanton Skatepark

Stanton Skatepark is a 9,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Stanton, California that first opened in 2016. The park is located about halfway between Anaheim and Long Beach making it easy to access for skaters from all over the great Los Angeles area. 

The Stanton Skatepark has become a favorite destination for many of the school-aged teens living in the Stanton area, however, the park attracts skaters of all ages and skill levels from all around the area. 


LocationStanton, Orange County, California
Address10660 Western Ave
Stanton, CA 90680
Coordinates33.80720, -118.00139
FeaturesQuarterpipe, stairs, hubbas, flat rails, handrails manual pad, and ledges. 
Size9,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, and scooters
Hours2 PM to 8 pm Monday thru Friday and 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sundays throughout the school year. 
During school vacation time, the park is open Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and 9 am to 6 pm Saturdays and Sundays.
FeeNo cost
Phone(714) 890-4268
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Stanton Skatepark Overview

The first thing that a skater may notice about the Stanton Skatepark is the park’s simplicity. The layout, the wide-open space, and the room to cruise and gain momentum before hitting a ledge or hubba are refreshing for skaters who are used to park designs where too much is crammed into too little space.

Stanton Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

One of the highlights of the Stanton Skatepark is the five-stair with a hubba on one side and a solid handrail on the other. Locals love to practice on this stair set and clearing the stairs with hard flips, crooked grinding the handrail, or nose sliding the ledge of the hubba.

Stanton Skatepark

Whatever tricks get them stoked, the stairs keep skaters entertained for hours and the stair set provides skaters with a spot to practice tricks before taking their skills to the streets in and around the LA area. 

Aside from the stairs, there is a quarter pipe at the far end of the park, several rails, ledges, and a skateable sculpture in the middle of the park that acts as a kicker with a gap. Another notable feature is a bank with a ledge and a small gap in the middle.

Stanton Skatepark

Many skaters love the wide-open space that the park provides for freestyle skaters looking for large open spaces with the smoothest concrete to practice tricks like manuals, end-overs, heelside rails, walk the dog, tailstop fingerflips, Caspers, and G-turns.  All of these types of freestyle tricks need ample room and smooth skating surfaces. 

The Stanton Skatepark is part of the large Stanton Central Park. Other facilities at Stanton Central Park include a water play area that is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a playground, several tennis courts, reservable picnic shelters, baseball and soccer fields, an exercise loop jogging trail, and two half-court basketball courts.

The hours of the Stanton Skatepark vary throughout the year so be sure to check the hours or call ahead to confirm before visiting. 

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