Stoner Skatepark

Stoner Skatepark

No, this isn’t just a place where weed fiends hang out. Stoner Skatepark is a 20,000 square-foot concrete skatepark located in West Los Angeles that offers a range of street features.

The street plaza-style park offers stairs, handrail, hubba, ledges, manual pads, euro gaps, jump ramps, banks, and a mini-ramp quarter pipe with a hip, all laid out in a very mod style.


LocationWest Los Angeles, California
Address1835 Stoner Ave
Los Angeles, California 90025
Coordinates34.038449, -118.453485
FeaturesStairs, handrail, hubba, ledges, euro gaps, banks, and mini-ramp quarter pipe with hip
Riding AllowedSkateboards, bikes, scooters, skates
Hours9 am to 5 pm
Phone(310) 479-7200

Stoner Skatepark Overview

Stoner Skatepark skaters

You could be forgiven for thinking the name “Stoner” was a reference to the imbibing of certain medicinal substances associated with early skater culture. But the name actually comes from Stoner Avenue, the street on which the park is located.

Built in 2010 by California Skateparks, Stoner is one of LA’s more famous street plaza skateparks and has appeared in numerous skate videos.

More so than many other parks, the design for Stoner Skatepark is influenced by local skate history, as many of the features are replicas of street spots that no longer exist or are now verboten by the authorities.

Skaters in the area used to skate the local civic center and some of the features come from there. The park is overall square in shape and features several distinctive curved banks and ledges that give it a modern art feel.

The park has a funbox in the center and plenty of challenges await advanced skaters, while the park’s ample open spaces, flat ground, and mellow features leave plenty of room for beginners.

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