Westlake Skatepark

Westlake Skatepark

Westlake Skatepark is a 6,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in the Southern California town of Westlake, which is located on the western border of Los Angeles County, near Thousand Oaks. The park includes a bowl and a street plaza.


LocationWestlake, Los Angeles County, California
Address31107 Thousand Oaks Blvd
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Coordinates34.159593, -118.798889
FeaturesBowl, street plaza
Size6,500 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates, bikes, wheelchairs
HoursDawn to Dusk
Phone(818) 706-1613
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Westlake Skatepark Overview

Westlake Skatepark is situated within the Westlake Community Park, tucked against a hilly open space on the park’s northern side. The skatepark is less than a mile from Hwy 101, which runs between Los Angeles to the east and Thousand Oaks to the west. This may be the westernmost of the many Los Angeles skateparks.

Westlake Skatepark
Photo courtesy of Spohn Ranch

The skatepark was designed by Spohn Ranch Skateparks, a SoCal-based skatepark design and build firm, and opened in 2015. While the park sits on a relatively small 6,500-square-foot footprint, the design includes a fairly wide range of features, including a bowl and a street plaza.

Westlake Skatepark
Westlake Skatepark
Photo courtesy of Spohn Ranch

The bowl is generally figure-8 shaped, with a deep end and a shallow end, but the deep end is square, instead of round. One advantage of having a square deep end is that you can skate the deep end like a straight half-pipe if you so desire. The bowl and steel coping all the way around.

Westlake Skatepark
Westlake Skatepark
Photo courtesy of Spohn Ranch

The street plaza has several elevated decks at the edges of the park with banks or quarterpipes that let you drop in to get speed. The plaza includes a variety of street features including hips, gaps, ledges, handrails, stairs, hubbas, and an A-frame.

The location of the park provides terrific views to the north and south of the surrounding hilly countryside – a bonus feature.

This video offers a good look around the park’s features:

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