Belding Skatepark

Belding Skatepark

The Belding Skatepark is a 4,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Belding, Michigan that first opened in 2014. This skatepark was designed by the Evergreen Skatepark company out of Portland, Oregon. 

The park mainly contains transition-style skate elements centered around an open bow with a small stair set and two hubbas for the street skaters. 

Skatepark Details

LocationBelding, Michigan
Address314 Gibson Street Belding, Michigan 48809
Coordinates43.09927, -85.23165
FeaturesOpen bowl. Volcano, rollers, banks, quarterpipe, stars, hubbas, and grindable coping throughout. 
Size4,500 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
Hours7 am to 10 pm as weather permits. Typically closed from the months of November until March or April. 
FeeNo Cost
Phone(616) 794-1900
Design/BuildEvergreen Skateparks

Belding Skatepark Overview

At first glance, the Belding Skatepark may not be much to look at. This is especially true if you are a veteran skater looking for more elements to bust out runs and throw together some technical tricks. However, if you are a younger or newer skater, then this 4,500 square-foot flow park set in the middle of Belding, Michigan may be right up your alley.

Belding Skatepark
Images courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks

The park is built around one large open bowl. The open bowl contains a number of rollers, bumps, and corners inside of it along with one good-sized rounded-off volcano. For a newer skater, this bowl is perfect for getting comfortable with how to move and flow in a bowl, how to drop in, and how to grind the coping that lines the complete outer edge.

Belding Skatepark

Although the park is centralized around this large open bowl and is more geared to transition-style skaters, there is a small stair set that skaters love to practice on. Again, because of its size, it is the perfect place for newer and younger skaters to get some experience clearing stairs and grinding hubbas before seeking out much larger parks in the Michigan area. Even some veteran skaters can appreciate the size of these hubbas if they are wanting to get extremely technical with some of the tricks they want to focus on.

The Belding Skatepark is located in the small community of Belding, Michigan, and although it may seem small to some, it actually is the perfect type of park for the local community. The community of Belding is only a short drive from Grand Rapids.

Belding Skatepark

The Belding Skatepark is open to the public at no cost, 7 days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm during the summer months. There are lights at the park for skaters who would like to get some practice in after work or later in the evening. The park is also open during these hours in the spring and fall, however, the park does close when the weather is not cooperative. 

Overall, the Belding Skatepark is pretty basic, but for the size of the community and the median age of the skateboarding population, Evergreen did a good job bringing a nice park for the locals to enjoy.

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