Sterling Heights Skatepark

Sterling Heights Skatepark

Sterling Heights Skatepark is a 20,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Sterling Heights, Michigan that first opened in 2018. The park was designed by Evergreen Skateparks in cooperation with the city of Sterling Heights and the local skateboard community. 

The Sterling Heights Skatepark has a focus on transition-style skating with some street elements inter-mixed to give skaters of every skill set and skill level something to enjoy. 

Skatepark Details

LocationSterling Heights, Michigan
AddressSterling Heights Skatepark
40111 Dodge Park Road
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313
Coordinates42.58915, -83.01261
FeaturesQuarter pipes, bowl, jump box, corners, roll-ins, banks, stairs, flat rails, handrails,  a manual pad, Long gap, and a pole.
Size20,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, BMX bikes, and in-line skates.
HoursApril thru September – 7 am to 10 pm
October thru March – 7 am to 8 pm 
FeeNo cost
Phone(586) 446-2700
Design/BuildEvergreen Skateparks

Sterling Heights Skatepark Overview

Evergreen Skateparks has a unique way to design and construct their skateparks that you do not see from other skatepark design companies. The Sterling Heights Skatepark is a transition skater’s dream with endless bowls, banks, corners, and ramps to keep someone moving in a constant rhythm. 

Sterling Heights Skatepark
Photos Courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks

Aside from simply cruising the ups and downs of rolling hills in perpetual motion, a skater can enjoy a large pyramid ramp smack dab in the middle of all the bowls, banks, and corners. Take a break from gliding the circuit and hit that pyramid by grinding the coping, popping a quick board stall, or tricking up onto the flat top and manual across before dropping back in. 

Sterling Heights Skatepark

The only kind of awkward part of the Sterling Heights Skatepark is the set of stairs. Although many skaters are happy they have a nice four-stair to practice kickflipping down, the location of the stairs makes it feel like it was installed as an afterthought. 

The stairs are located at one end of the park completely separate from all of the other elements of the park. That being said, it is a nice stair set with a handrail and an extra long runway leading up to the set. 

The City of Sterling Heights worked tirelessly with the Evergreen Sjatepark design and construction team, and in return, the City does have a few expectations. 

Sterling Heights Skatepark

Skaters are to skate at their risk and the use of helmets and padding is strongly recommended. Additionally, since the park is located in Michigan, the park is bound to experience wet and slippery conditions on the ramps. The City asks that skaters avoid using the skatepark when the ramps are slick beyond a safe amount.

Last, If you are using the park with a BMX bike, the use of metal pegs is prohibited. Other than that, all posted rules should be abided by at all times, and children under 12 should be supervised by a parent or guardian. 

Here’s a video of cruising the park that provides a nice tour:

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