Hyrum Skatepark (aka Blacksmith Fork Skatepark)

Hyrum Skatepark

Hyrum Skatepark is a 30,000-square-foot concrete skatepark in Hyrum, Utah, that includes a backyard-pool bowl, a flow bowl, and a large mixed street and transition plaza. Construction on the park, also known as Blacksmith Fork Skatepark, was completed in 2022


LocationBlacksmith Fork Park, Hyrum, Utah
Address176 S 1300 E #148
Hyrum, UT 84319
Coordinates41.629243, -111.818271
FeaturesBackyard bowl, flow bowl, mini ramp, street plaza, banks, flat rail, ledges, quarter pipes, hubbas, hips, curbs, fun box and more
Size30,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
Phone(435) 245-6033
Designer/BuilderHunger Skateparks

Hyrum Skatepark Overview

Hyrum Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Hunger Skateparks

Hyrum Skatepark is one of the largest skateparks in the state of Utah. Built by Hunger Skateparks, the Hyrum skatepark was estimated to cost around $800,000 to build. It’s a sweet design.

The park has multiple sections designed for use by skaters of varying skill levels. The rectangular-shaped park has three elevation tiers, offering many possibilities for banks, stairs, ledges, and other features.

The park includes an amoeba bowl with three pockets. This backyard-pool style bowl had tiles and pool coping.

The park also includes an 3.5-foot beginner flow/mini bowl that has an organic feel to it. It includes several different levels and lots of twists and turns to carve and pump.

The street plaza has just about every standard street feature found in skateparks, including hubbas, ledges, manual pads, flat rails, banks, handrails…you name it.

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