Vista Skatepark

Vista Skatepark

Vista Skatepark comprises two neighboring concrete skateparks in Vista, California, one site focused on street terrain and the other featuring two skate bowls. Together, the skateparks includes 22,500 square feet of high-quality skatable terrain.


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LocationVista, California
AddressStreet site: 400 N. Santa Fe at Orange Avenue
Bowl site: 510 N. Santa Fe at Connecticut Avenue
CoordinatesStreet site: 33.206537, -117.245282
Bowl site: 33.205150, -117.245330
FeaturesVert bowl, combi bowl, street plaza, banks, fun box, pyramid, flat rail, manny box, ledges, quarterpipes, hips, hubbas, stairs, handrail, slappy curb, China bank
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates, bikes
Hours8 am to 8 pm
Phone(760) 639-6151
Vista Skatepark
Aerial view of the street plaza at Vista Skatepark

Vista Skatepark Overview

Designed by Grindline and completed in 2017, Vista Skatepark is one of the best parks in San Diego county, up there with the likes of Prince Park, Alga Norte, Poods, and Linda Vista.

The park is actually two separate sites about a quarter-mile from one another on North Santa Fe Avenue in downtown Vista. The pair of Vista skateparks reportedly cost around $3 million.

Vista Street Site

One site is street-focused and about 11,000 square feet, offering a mix of classic street features with a few small transitions thrown in here and there. Arranged in a square, the plaza packs in a ton of features, well placed for endless lines.

There are three different elevations if you include the tops of the quarterpipes/banks that serve as outer borders. The park is a large square and one corner of the park is dominated by a large China bank that bends in an L-shape with a carvable corner on the inside of the bend.

It’s notable that this wall isn’t your standard quarterpipe, but more of a steep bank with a bit of transition at the bottom (aka, China bank). It’s cool, and one of the distinguishing factors of the park, as it’s rare to see one some long and with a corner.

Another fun feature is a pyramid in the middle of the park, with a gap in the middle and a large A-frame rail next to it.

Vista Skatepark
Overhead view of pyramid feature.

Other features include multiple banks, hubbas, stairs, ledges, two flat rails, and no less than five manny pads. Another rad feature is the banks with small transitions that lead up to the side of hubbas, so you can carve up the bank and hit the hubbas – if you’re feeling ambitious.

Vista Bowl Site

Just down the road from the street section, at the corner of West Orange Avenue, is the 10,500-square-foot bowl portion of the park. Vista Skatepark has two bowls, a peanut bowl that goes to vert and a combi bowl that has multiple depths and lobes.

The peanut bowl is a backyard pool-style bowl with pool coping all the way around (no tiles). The deep end is 10 feet deep.

The other bowl is a sprawling combi bowl that has three different depths, including a deep corner with pool coping, several hips, extensions, and a volcano. The shallow section of this bow is square and can also serve as a mini-ramp. Other than the deep corner, most of the coping is steel.

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