Bristol Bay Skatepark (aka Yorkville Skatepark)

Bristol Bay Skatepark

The Bristol Bay Skatepark is an outdoor 5,000-square-foot concrete skatepark that was designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch in 2017. The Bristol Bay Skatepark is located in the town of Yorkville, Illinois located just outside of Aurora, Illinois, and about an hour and a half west of downtown Chicago. 

Skatepark Details

LocationYorkville, Illinois
AddressBristol Bay Regional Park428 Bristol Bay DriveYorkville, Illinois 60560
Coordinates41.70672, -88.43040
FeaturesQuarterpipe, mini-ramp, hubbas, flat rails, ledges, banks, kickers, and a manual pad. 
Size5,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(630) 553-4350
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Bristol Bay Skatepark Overview

Bristol Bay Skatepark

The Bristol Bay Skatepark, also known as Yorkville Skatepark, is a smaller but lovely skatepark that is ideal for younger skaters or veteran skaters that want to refine their more technical street-style tricks.

The park is a long linear-shaped skatepark with quarter pipes on each end. On one end there is one large quarterpipe and on the other end, there are two smaller quarterpipes with a middle embankment separating the two. 

Also, each of the quarter pipes at the one end of the park has its own stair set to make the ramps more accessible to all skaters. At the end with the single large quarter pipe, there is another quarterpipe directly across from it that makes a nice small mini-ramp for skaters to practice their vert-style skate skills. 

Bristol Bay Skatepark

In the middle of the skate park, you have a modest street plaza, however, there is a good amount of obstacles to keep skaters pleasantly entertained for hours. Drop in on any of the quarter pipes on either side of the park to find a series of hubbas, ledges, rails, and a nice double-mounded roller section. 

Also located in the middle of the skate park, positioned off to one side, there is a large embankment with an elevated ledge at the top where skaters can skate up and turnaround, pop a quick stall on the ledge, or start from the top and drop into the street plaza below. 

Bristol Bay Skatepark

Another good thing about the Bristol Bay Skatepark is that all of the elements and obstacles in the park are designed for skaters of all skill levels. There is not a single obstacle in the park that would be considered too dangerous or too inaccessible, even for new skaters. 

For example, the flat rail located in the street plaza is at the ideal height that it can be reached, even by young skaters, without the risk of taking a serious fall. Because of this, newer skaters can take their time to develop the skills they need to start hitting handrails on stair sets either in other large skateparks or on the streets.

The Bristol Bay Skatepark is open for most of the year from sunrise to sunset, however, it does close once winter creeps in. Winters outside of Chicago are known to be fierce with high winds and plenty of snow. Not the ideal conditions for skateboarding. 

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