Oak Lawn Skatepark (aka Worthbrook Park Skatepark)

Oak Lawn Skatepark

Oak Lawn Skatepark, also referred to as the Worthbrook Park Skatepark, is a 16,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located just south of Chicago in the suburb of Oak Lawn. The skatepark was designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch in 2016 to replace an aging and deteriorating wood and metal ramp skatepark that sat at the site previously. 

Oak Lawn Skatepark Details

LocationOak Lawn, Illinois
AddressRidgeland Ave & 89th PlaceOak Lawn, Illinois 60453
Coordinates41.73009, -87.77931
FeaturesQuarterpipe, kickers, gaps, handrails, flat rails, ledges, hubbas, stairs, banks, a funbox, and a manual pad. 
Size16,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(708) 857-2222
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Oaklawn Skatepark Overview

The Oaklawn Skatepark located at Worthbrook Park is a great place for street skaters looking for plenty of terrain to bust out their favorite tricks. There are plenty of ledges, hubbas, handrails, and flat rails to keep street skaters occupied and entertained for hours. 

Oak Lawn Skatepark

The layout of the park is a long rectangular shape with a wall of quarter pipes on one end of the park. The quarter pipes make the perfect drop-in point for skaters to get the speed they need before hitting up the street plaza located at the center of the park. 

Drop in on one of the large quarterpipes and choose from the funbox with a flat rail and hubba, an angled manual pad, a stand-alone and low-sitting flat rail, or a double manual pad with a small gap and an elevated ledge. The double manual pad with an elevated ledge offers some room for creative combinations depending on the technical skills of the skater.

For example, roll in on one of the quarter pipes, pop an ollie onto the first manual pad and ride the back wheels until you reach the gap. Pop an ollie over the gap and now ride the front wheels all the way to the end. Or, you could also grind or nose-slide the elevated ledge over the gap as well.

Oak Lawn Skatepark

On the other end of the park is an elevated platform with a solid four-stair and an extra-wide hubba. The elevated platform offers enough space to act as a runway before hitting the stairs or grinding the hubba. 

Also in the middle of the park is a 3-faced pyramid that skaters can drop in from or use as a turnaround spot before going back into the street plaza section. 

Oak Lawn Skatepark

The Oak Lawn Skatepark located in Worthbrook Park is the perfect mid-sized skate destination for street-style skaters living in the southside of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The park is open from sunrise until 10 pm during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The park typically shuts down for the winter season when the harsh Chicago weather makes skateboarding outdoors almost impossible. 

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