Junction City Skatepark

Junction City Skatepark

The Junction City Skatepark located in Junction City, Oregon is an 8,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park that first opened in 2012. The park consists of many street elements and a few transition-style skate elements designed and constructed by the Spohn Ranch design and construction team.

Skatepark Details

LocationLaurel Park, Junction City, Oregon
Address1400-1498 Laurel Street Junction City, Oregon 97448
Coordinates44.22650, -123.20789
FeaturesQuarterpipe, hubbas, banks, ledges, stairs, kickers, mini-ramp, handrails, and a manual pad.
Size8,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(541) 998-2153
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Junction City Skatepark Overview

The layout of the Junction City Skatepark contains one circular pathway and one oddly shaped circular triangle pathway. The two pathways are adjacent to each other creating one large figure 8-shaped pathway that contains various street obstacles scattered throughout.

Junction City Skatepark
Images courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

Street obstacles like ledges, manual pads, flat rails, and kicker gaps line the edges of the park’s main pathways in a way that a skater could flow from one obstacle to another. 

Take your time and throw together some nice runs by grinding one ledge before rolling into the manual pad and ending by kickflipping over the kicker gap. In two of the corners of the circular triangle section of the park, there is a large quarterpipe and an extra wide bank where skaters can drop in or simply turn around while increasing their speed. 

In the middle of the space where the two different sections meet, there is a small street plaza section that contains a stair set, hubbas, a handrail, and a few ledges that can be approached from almost any angle. Many skaters like to start in this middle section and take turns hitting the stairs, grinding the handrail, or nose-sliding one of the many hubbas and ledges.

It is from this central area that skaters can pump and simply cruise around the figure 8 track. While cruising around the figure 8 track, you would decide to pop up on the manual pad or skip it and keep your speed to before trying to clear the grass between the nice-sized kicker gap. Either way, there is plenty of concrete surface for skaters who like to freestyle or simply even cruise to feel the wind in their hair.

Another major component of the Junction City Skatepark that many skaters love is the mini-ramp. The park’s mini-ramp is located kind of off on its own. It is still connected to the figure 8 track by one small pathway that sticks out of the tip of the figure 8 shape. 

The mini-ramp is the perfect size to accommodate skaters of all ages and skill levels. Newer skaters can take their turn to skate back and forth between the two quarterpipes to really start to get a feel of how a mini-ramp should be skated. 

Veteran skaters can take their turn demonstrating to the newer skaters how they stall, grind, and slide the coping and how they do air tricks out of the mini-ramp.

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