Delridge Skatepark

Delridge Skatepark

Delridge Skatepark is a 13,000-square-foot concrete skatepark in Seattle, Washington, that includes a bowl and a flow bowl/snake run plaza with a few street skating features.


LocationNorth Delridge, Seattle, Washington
Address2414 SW Genesee Street
Seattle, WA 98106
Coordinates47.564476, -122.364031
FeaturesBowl, flow bowl, street plaza
Size13,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
HoursDawn to 11:30 pm
Phone(206) 684-4075

Delridge Skatepark Overview

Delridge Skatepark is situated in a wooded park in North Delridge, a suburb of southwest Seattle. The skatepark is located near the West Seattle Golf Course and is within a park known as the Delridge Playfield.

Designed by Grindline, the park offers a nice egg-shaped bowl, flow bowl, and street plaza.

Delridge Skatepark
Flow bowl at Delridge Skatepark

The flow bowl at Delridge Skatepark has smallish transitions with tons of extensions, hips, and pockets to explore, including a volcano in the center of the round portion. The bowl has steel coping all the way around. The egg-shaped bowl is deeper and graced with pool coping.

Beyond the egg bowl and flow bowl, the park has lots of other street and transition features. Some of these back up to the bowls, while others are situated on paths that meander off into the tree-shaded park.

Delridge Skatepark
The street portion of the park follows paths through the woods.

Delridge includes stairs, handrails, China banks, benches, manny pads, a pump bump with a gap in it, and several other cool transition features.

Cover photo courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation.

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