Lake Fairfax Skatepark

Lake Fairfax Skatepark

Lake Fairfax Skatepark is a 16,000 square-foot in Reston, Virginia, that includes an extensive street plaza and a combi bowl. This is one of the best skateparks in the Washington DC metro area.


LocationLake Fairfax Park, Reston, Virginia
Address1400 Lake Fairfax Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Coordinates38.961813, -77.320644
FeaturesLake Fairfax Park, Fairfax, Virginia
Size15,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
DesignerSpohn Ranch
Hours8 am to 9:20 pm
(703) 471-5415

Lake Fairfax Skatepark Overview

Lake Fairfax Skatepark is located in Lake Fairfax Park, a sprawling wooded park in Reston, Virginia, situated between Dulles International Airport and Tysons Corner. The skatepark was designed by California-based Spohn Ranch and opened in 2012.

The outdoor facility is an open rectangular plaza with restrooms and plenty of parking. At the northern end of the park is a clover-shaped combi bowl, with three sections that are 4, 6, and 8 feet high with 8-foot transitions.

Lake Fairfax Skatepark street plaza

The street plaza features banks, ledges, manny pads, stairs, handrails, and flat rails. Other elements include an A-frame, with a matching hubba, rail and gap, and a spine feature that looks like a shark fin rising out of the cement.

Here’s a video of some guys skating in the park that gives a look at all the features:

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