Festival Fields Skatepark (aka Avondale Skatepark)

Avondale Skatepark

The Festival Fields Skatepark in Avondale, Arizona is a 25,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark that was constructed in multiple phases with the latest addition being completed in 2020.

The park contains an American Ramp Company signature asphalt pump track and an adjacent Pivot Custom street plaza which contains a solid mix of street and transitional-style terrain. 

Skatepark details

LocationAvondale, Arizona
Address101 East Lower Buckeye Road Avondale, Arizona 85323
Coordinates33.41994, -112.35019
FeaturesAsphalt pump track, quarterpipe, hubbas, stairs, flat rails, handrails, banks, ledges, and a manual pad.
Size25,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
ConstructionConcrete and asphalt
Hours6 am to 11 pm 
FeeNo Cost
Phone(623) 333-2400
Design/BuildPivot Custom and American Ramp Company

Skatepark Overview

Located on the western outskirts of Phoenix in Avondale, Arizona, the Festival Fields Skatepark is truly something for the greater Phoenix skateboarding community to be proud of.

The park does a great job of combining two independently designed projects to create an overall skateboarding experience that includes something for everyone. 

Avondale Skatepark
Images courtesy of American Ramp Company/Pivot Customs

Pivot Custom did a wonderful job with the design of the Festival Fields Skatepark design, however, they did even better with the construction. A beautifully crafted park with plenty of open smooth concrete to give plenty of space for multiple skaters at the same time. 

The park contains an extra-large flying-V shape with quarter pipes located at the ends of each leg of the V and at the apex as well. You can choose to drop in from either endpoint or at the apex. 

From the apex, go right to find a beautiful and classic stair set where skaters love to practice their kickflips and heel flips, or simply just practice clearing a large set of stairs in a safe environment. To the right of that is an incredibly long ledge.

After the stairs, flow into another small street plaza section complete with an additional ledge and flat rail that each lead into a nice extra high quarter pipe. 

Avondale Skatepark
Avondale Skatepark

From the apex, if you choose to go left, you will find the more complex street plaza section in that there are just so many obstacles to choose from. There are more than four or five different ledges and hubbas, a few rails, a manual pad, a fun box, and at the very end … guess what? Another incredibly large quarterpipe.

This quarterpipe is a favorite starting point for many skaters looking to hit one of the many different obstacles that make up the street plaza section in this leg of the flying V. 

Avondale Skatepark

The Festival Fields Skatepark and pump track is part of a much larger complex that contains a variety of facilities including restrooms, water fountains, basketball courts, and even pickleball. 

Although Arizona is blessed with an incredible amount of sunlight throughout the day, there are still lights for those skaters that still want to shred the park well after the sun has set. 

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