Oak Island Skate Park (aka Kevin Bell Skatepark)

Oak Island Skatepark

Oak Island Skatepark is an outdoor concrete skatepark in Oak Island, North Carolina, that is being remodeled in 2022. Officially known as Kevin Bell Skatepark, the park is a square street plaza with a mini bowl/ramp on one end.

Note: The park is currently under construction and is reopen in March 2023.


LocationOak Island, North Carolina, USA
AddressSouth East 49th Street
Oak Island, North Carolina 28465
Coordinates33.910594, -78.114300
FeaturesMini-ramp bowl, fun box, rails, quarterpipe, ledges, A-frame, banks
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates
Design/ConstructionPillar Design Studios/Artisan Skateparks

Oak Island Skatepark is a small park in downtown Oak Island, a small beach town located on one of North Carolina’s barrier islands.

The park first opened in April 2000, and was rededicated in 2015 in honor of the late Kevin Bell, who played a big role in getting the park built. In 2020, Hurricaine Isaias seriously damaged the park’s modular features and they were subsequently demolished after being deemed unrepairable.

The town council subsequently set $300,000 to rebuild the park. In 2021, the town hired Pillar Design Group to redesign the park and hired Artisan Skateparks to build it. The park is located at the corner of SE 49th Street and E Dolphin Drive (across from the softball field at Middleton Park).

Construction on the new park began in November 2022 and is expected to be finished by March 2023. The new design keeps the concrete pad of the previous park, but calls for concrete features instead of modular features. Progress!

Here’s a virtual flyover of the new park design:

The rectangular park will be bookended by small transition features with one side anchored by a U-shaped mini-bowl that’s open on one side, essentially forming a mini-ramp that’s enclosed on one end. The center of the park features a large fun box on one side and an A-frame on the other. Both sides feature banks with rails down them.

According to the official website, the park is open on weekends only, on Saturday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. That kinda sucks, if true, and we hope for the sake of the local skaters that the hours expand with the remodel.

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