Buffalo Skate Plaza (Lasalle Park Skatepark)

Buffalo Skatepark

The Buffalo Skate Plaza, often also referred to as the Lasalle Park Skatepark is a 5,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park in Buffalo, New York, which first opened in 2013. 

The Buffalo Skate Plaza may be considered one of the best places to skate in Upstate New York for street-style skateboard enthusiasts.

Skatepark Details

LocationBuffalo, New York
Address3120 D A R Drive, Buffalo, New York 14202
Coordinates42.89597, -78.89681
FeaturesQuarterpipe, stairs, ledges, hubbas, banks, curbs, 
Size5,500 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(716) 851-5553
Design/BuildEvergreen Skateparks

Buffalo Skatepark Overview

The Buffalo Skate Plaza located in LaSalle Park has a long and narrow layout that kind of gives the park a pump track or snake run kind of feel. You can decide to start at either end of the park or at the top side of one of the off-shoots that contains an elevated platform.

Buffalo Skatepark
Images courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks

Starting from one end of the park you will find a large quarterpipe with two faces to drop in on that point to two main pathways. 

Stick to the left and you will find a mini-snake run or pump track with three high-curved banks to carve as you glide to a roller that propels you into the middle of the skate plaza. All of the curved banks contain coping.

Hang to the right, and you will find a solid street section complete with stairs, hubbas, handrails, and an outside embankment you can use to flow past the stairs and rails. 

Buffalo Skatepark

The middle of the park contains one large pentagon-shaped pyramid box with an upper back ledge. Ride up or drop in on any of the four faces to build up speed before hitting one of the many other sections of the park. 

Also in the middle of the park is the elevated offshoot that can also be a starting point for many. Why it is a solid starting point is because, from the top of this elevated section, it goes downhill in two different directions. One way you have a small two stair, handrail, and two different hubbas on either side. In the other direction, you will find a quick ledge and embankment followed by a tall flat rail and hubba. 

Buffalo Skatepark

All of the previously mentioned parts of the park flow into the bottom corner of the park. Many people also choose this area as their starting point, however, it also serves as a good turnaround area. From this opposite corner of the park, you can hang a left and find an extra long ledge on one side, a low-sitting flat rail in the middle, and a wall ride on the opposite side. Near the wall ride, there is also a manual pad for those who wish to test their balance skills manualing across its smooth surface. 

Although there are plenty of other skateparks in the region, many street-style skaters from both the US and Canada find themselves at the Buffalo Skatepark due to its superb design. 

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