Fort Bragg Skatepark (aka Cleland Skatepark)

Cleland Skatepark

Fort Bragg Skatepark, officially known as the Cleland Skatepark, is a 12,000 square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Fort Bragg, North Carolina that first opened in 2012. The skatepark is packed with features, including a sizeable kidney-shaped bowl with multiple depths and an extension off the side. 

Cleland Skatepark was built near the Fort Bragg skating rink to provide some additional recreational opportunities for military service members and their families who were stationed at Fort Bragg. The existing skating rink is open year-round and it offers an outlet for community members looking for either in-line or ice skating opportunities. 

Skatepark Details

LocationFort Bragg, North Carolina
Address2212 Modularity Drive Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310
Coordinates35.15257, -79.00147
FeaturesLarge bowl, quarterpipe, kickers, ledge, hubbas, manual pads, handrails, stairs, banks, a London Gap and a wallride. 
Size12,000 Square Feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, BMX bikes, in-line skates, and scooters.
HoursDawn till Dusk
FeeNo cost
Phone(910) 396-5127
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Fort Bragg Skatepark Overview

The Fort Bragg Skatepark, or the Cleland Skatepark, is located on the army base of Fort Bragg. This military base is home to roughly 54,000 active military personnel and their families. Outside of the base, there is about an additional 40,000 civilians that comprise the town of Fort Bragg.

The Cleland Skatepark was built to provide military personnel and their families with a state-of-the-art, large-scale, outdoor concrete skatepark that would be the envy of skateparks all across the region. 

Fort Bragg Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Many skaters love the large bowl and the transitional skating opportunities the bowl presents for skaters of all different skill levels. Experienced skaters can take full advantage of the full bowl layout by flowing back and forth between the various depths as well as getting creative with their runs due to the unique shape of the bowl.

Fort Bragg Skatepark

Another crowd favorite at the Cleland Skatepark is the five-stair, handrail, bank, and ledge combination that flows down into the bowl. Many people appreciate the five-stair because it is not too intimidating for newer skaters and it allows a place for veteran skaters to practice clearing the stairs with a more advanced trick like a hardflip, heelflip, or front-side 180.

The design and construction of the Cleland Skatepark were a little bit more of a challenge for the Spohn Ranch team because the design approval process and construction took a bit longer than normal due to working under a DOD contract for the US military.

However, Spohn Ranch had no issues complying with the safety and construction standards that the military required because its design and construction process is already one of the best in North America. The construction project then was just subject to additional inspections that Spohn Ranch may not be subject to when working for a municipality. 

Fort Bragg Skatepark

Since the park opened in 2012, the facility has been open to the public as well as all military personnel and their families from dawn until dusk, seven days a week.

Here’s some footy of the park:

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