Go Skateboarding Day 2023

Go Skateboarding Day

Go Skateboarding Day is an internationally recognized day to get on a plank with four-wheels and roll around. There isn’t really one central hub for information about the day, so you’ll need to do some searching around for events in your area. In 2023, Go Skateboarding Day will take place on June 21.

Not that skaters need a day to remind us to skate, but the industry muckity mucks at the International Skateboard Industry Association decided that something official-sounding was needed to promote skating as a sport.

While the motives of the companies that initially promoted the day may not have been pure — they were reportedly alarmed at the time by the proliferation of blank decks and wanted to encourage skaters to ride branded decks — it’s generally a feel-good day with events taking place all of the US. (And to be fair, the same industry types helped the way for public skateparks that would have been impossible to build given past liability laws.)

While the ISIA formally established the day, Don Brown, known for his work creating skate shoes for various brands, first proposed the idea of a Go Skate Day.

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