Tillamook Skatepark

Tillamook Skatepark

Tillamook Skatepark is a 6,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Tillamook, Oregon that first opened in 2016. Tillamook is a smaller dairy town of about 6,000 people located near the Oregon coast and about an hour and 20-minute drive from the city of Portland.

The skatepark was designed and built by the Spohn Ranch Skateparks team with funding provided by the city and many of the materials donated by local businesses.  


LocationTillamook, Oregon
AddressGoodspeed Park
2800 3rd Street
Tillamook, Oregon 97141
Coordinates45.45633, -123.83352
FeaturesA large bowl, quarterpipe, ledges, hubbas, banks, flat rails, handrails, a London gap, and a pole.
Size6,500 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, BMX bikes, in-line skates, and non-motorized scooters. 
HoursSunrise to Sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(503) 842-2472
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Tillamook Skatepark Overview

The main highlight of the Tillamook Slatepark that brings skaters from up and down the Oregon Coast is the large kidney-shaped bowl. The large bowl flows between four feet and six feet but also has a seven-foot pocket to give skaters an all-encompassing bowl skating experience. 

Tillamook Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Aside from the large kidney-shaped bowl, there are plenty of street elements to give technical street skaters a run for their money. At one end of the park, there is a long stretch of quarterpipes, banks, and a wall ride where skaters can turn around or drop in to hit the street plaza. 

Tillamook Skatepark

The street plaza contains two different large flat rails where skaters can practice their grinds and board slides. There are also ledges that see a lot of use by skaters practicing tail slides and nose slides.

More technical skaters love the ledges to practice kickflips to front side nose slides and various other trick-in/trick-out grind and slide combinations. 

Tillamook Skatepark

Spohn Ranch was selected by the City of Tillamook to design and construct the park after a nationwide competition was conducted where various companies submitted their design ideas and budgets.

Spohn Ranch was chosen to design and construct the 6,500 square-foot skatepark because of its signature park design that balances transition skate elements with street terrain.

Once Spohn Ranch was selected as the park design company, members of the Spohn Ranch team got together with local skaters and BMX bike riders to go over every last detail of the final design blueprint.

Tillamook Skatepark

The Tillamook Skatepark is open to all skateboarders, in-line skaters, BMX riders, and scooter riders of all ages and skill levels. There are no lights at the park so anyone looking to use the park must do so between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

Although helmets and pads are not required, they are highly recommended, especially for younger skaters and riders under the age of 16. 

The small sleepy town of Tillamook has been transformed into a skater’s destination because of the addition of the Tillamook Skatepark located in Goodspeed Park. 

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