Mooresville Skatepark

Mooresville Skatepark

Mooresville Skatepark is an outdoor concrete skatepark in Mooresville, North Carolina. The park features two bowls, a snake run, and a large street plaza.


LocationMooresville, North Carolina
Address748 W Iredell Avenue
Mooresville, NC 28115
Coordinates35.592779, -80.816733
FeaturesBowl, street plaza
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
Phone(661) 775-8865
Design/BuildTeam Pain/Artisan Skateparks

Mooresville Skatepark Overview

The new Mooresville Skatepark, which opened officially in December 2022, replaces a previous skatepark which featured modular steel ramps and street features on a concrete pad.

Mooresville Skatepark

The new park, which cost just under $3 million, is a significant upgrade. The park is designed by Team Pain and built by North Carolina-based Artisan Skateparks

The overall layout of the park is a large square with one corner cut off. The park includes two bowls, an amoeba bowl, and a square bowl, both with pool coping. On the far side of the park from the bowls is a shallow snake run that’s perfect for skaters just starting to get the hang of cruising on banked terrain.

Mooresville Skatepark

The center of the park is a massive street plaza. The plaza is packed with features, including banks, rails, handrails, hubbas, ledges and manual pads. One of the manual pads in the design has a large 3# on it, which is presumably a reference to local NASCAR racing hero, the late Dale Earnhart.

Mooresville Skatepark

Similarly, the snake run and some other features have checkered flags incorporated, presumably a reference to NASCAR racing. Moorseville is home to a number of NASCAR racing teams, hence the local reverence for the motorsport.

NASCAR fetishism aside (just remember Moorseville skate kids, your sport is the raddest!), good on the residents of Moorseville for investing in such an impressive-looking skatepark. Should be fun!

The skatepark will have its own restroom facilities, which is always a nice touch.

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