Poway Skatepark

Poway Skatepark Snake Run

Poway Skatepark is a 12,000-square-foot concrete skatepark park located in Poway, California. Arranged as a large triangle, the park features two distinct sections, a snake run that leads into a bowl area and a banked flow section/street plaza.


LocationPoway Community Park, Poway, California
Address13094 Civic Center Drive
Poway, CA 92064
Coordinates32.955027, -117.047162
FeaturesSnake run, square bowl, street plaza, banks, rail slide, ledges
Riding AllowedSkateboards, bikes, scooters, skates
Hours8 am to 8 pm
Phone(858) 668-4671

Poway Skatepark Overview

Poway Skatepark
Aerial View of Poway Skatepark

Poway Skatepark was designed by Wormhount Inc and constructed by California Skateparks, one of the leading skatepark design/build companies in the world. They did a nice job of squeezing a lot of skateable terrain into a corner lot of Poway Community Park.

Here’s a quick tour of the park with my 360 camera:

Poway is a chill town in east county San Diego, so the skatepark is typically ridden by local kids. They do allow bikes and scooters, which can get a bit hectic on weekends.

Poway Skatepark
Looking across the street plaza towards the start of the snake run.
Poway Skatepark hubba
Grinding the hubba.

The park is really smooth and fun to ride, with lots of transitions, banks, and corners to carve and pump on.

The street plaza area is hemmed in by banks and quarter pipes and features a central funbox with a hubba down one side. On the deck near the plaza are ledges and a rail to skate.

Poway Skatepark snake run
Corner that connects the street plaza to the snake run.

The snake run is generally around 6 feet deep and terminates in a slightly deep square bowl with two-foot extension.

It takes a few tries to find a line through the snake run that lets you keep your speed, but it’s there, you just have to look for it.

Poway Skatepark snakerun
Scooter in the snake run.
Poway Skatepark Snake Run
What’s up with the pink helmeted scooters in the snake run?
Poway Skatepark bowl
Looking down the snake run from the bowl.

My only complaint about this park is that when it does get busy, its compact size can make it feel a bit congested, which is frustrating in a park with so many great lines. But the popularity is a sign that it’s doing its job, right? So I’ll stop griping.

The other thing I’ll mention, mostly for parents of young kids, is that the tweens and teens tend to have foul mouths. It’s par for the course for kids of that age, but the coziness of this park seems to amplify the teenage angst a bit — or maybe just the sound of their voices. But there I go being a grumpy old dude again.

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