South Padre Island Skatepark (aka John L. Tompkins Skatepark)

South Padre Island Skatepark

The South Padre Island Skatepark is an 8,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in South Padre Island, Texas that first opened in 2021. The skatepark contains one massive multi-level bowl with a deep pocket and a large shallow section and a sprawling street plaza section.


LocationSouth Padre Island, Texas
AddressJohn L Tompkins Park
6100 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, Texas 78597
Coordinates26.13159, -97.17044
FeaturesOne large bowl, pump track, cradle, curbs, flat rails, banks, ledges, manual pads, and a quarterpipe.
Size8,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates.
HoursSunrise to Sunset
FeeNo Cost
PhoneSouth Padre Island Parks and Recreation Community Center: (956) 761-8168
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

South Padre Island Skatepark Overview

The South Padre Island Skatepark is in the perfect location for a skate/surf holiday for any skater in the United States. South Padre Island contains campgrounds, RV parks, and plenty of hotels near the beach, the skatepark, surf shops, and kiteboarding adventure agencies.

South Padre Island Skatepark

A vacation to South Padre Island packed with relaxing beach time, copious amounts of skate and surf time, and plenty of great places to catch dinner and a beer, would make an ideal trip for any skater.

The main attraction of the South Padre Island Skatepark is its massive multi-level bowl. The bowl has multiple depths including a deep pocket with plenty of space for a skater to get into a groove and maintain super speeds as they catch some big air in the deep end.

South Padre Island Skatepark

The shallow end is quite large in itself providing a space for newer bowl skaters to get their “bowl-legs” as they become more accustomed to the movement and rhythm of bowl skating. The bowl is also an attraction for pro-skaters from all over South texas looking for a good spot for their next photo shoot or video reel.

Aside from the massive multi-level bowl, the South Padre Island Skatepark has a sprawling street plaza section with plenty of terrain to give skaters many options. Additionally, the spread-out layout of the street plaza helps to ensure that the street plaza does not become too overcrowded and that collisions are minimized. 

South Padre Island Skatepark
South Padre Island Skatepark

At one end of the street plaza is a nice smooth 180-degree quarterpipe with a bank on one side that a skater could ride up, hang a hard left turn, and then drop back down the quarterpipe. In the middle of the street plaza, there are a few ledges, a manual pad, and a free-standing low-to-the-ground flat rail where new skaters can practice their grinds and board slides. 

South Padre Island Skatepark
South Padre Island Skatepark

On the other end of the street plaza section, there is a large quarterpipe with an ultra-tall section where skaters can build up extreme speed or catch big air depending on how they choose to approach the taller structure. 

South Padre Island Skatepark

The South Padre Island Skatepark, also known as the John L. Tompkins Skatepark, was built in under two months by the Spohn Ranch construction team while the park design was created by New Line Skateparks, Inc.

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