Union City Skatepark (Georgia)

Union City Skatepark

Union City Skatepark is a 4,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Union City, Georgia that first opened in 2022. The skatepark is packed with features, including a large bowl with both a mini ramp section and a deeper wider section as well as a comprehensive street plaza area. 

The Union City Skatepark maximizes the smaller 4,000 square feet of space by creating a well-designed skatepark layout that packs many features into a small amount of space without giving the park a sense of overcrowding or awkward geometry and transitions. 

Skatepark Details

LocationUnion City, Georgia
AddressRoosevelt Hwy, Dixie Lake Road
Union City, Georgia 30291
Coordinates33.58406, -84.54994
FeaturesBowls, quarterpipe, ledges, grind rails and boxes, ledges, and a wedge ramp. 
Size4,000 Square Feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, BMX riders, and in-line skates
ConstructionConcrete and Shotcrete
HoursDawn til Dusk
FeeNo cost
Phone(770) 892-6288 Parks and Recreation Union City, Georgia
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Union City Skatepark Overview

The Union City Skatepark is located in Union City and is part of the Highway 29 Ballfields Recreational Complex. The entire space is city-owned land that covers approximately 16-acres at the intersection of Highway 29/Roosevelt Hwy and Dixie Lake Road.

Union City Skatepark
Photos courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

The main highlight of the skatepark is a large bowl with varying depths to cater to different skill levels. There is a shallower mini ramp section for beginners to develop their skills and a deeper and wider section for more advanced skaters to grind the coping, stick their lip tricks, and simply enjoy the flow of a well-designed bowl that can keep them entertained for hours at a time. 

Union City Skatepark

The street plaza section of the park contains a quarterpipe, benches, ledges, grind rails and grind boxes, and a unique wedge ramp feature.

The grind rails, grind boxes, and ledges are well placed and set at comfortable heights to which beginners can gain experience and advanced skaters can develop newer more advanced tricks without the threat of serious injury. 

Union City Skatepark

The Union City Skatepark was a result of the combined vision of Mayor Vince Williams, the City Council, the Union City Department of Parks and Recreation, public input, and the Spohn Ranch design and construction team. 

Here’s a video the city put together about the park:

When it comes to the public input that was used to help inspire the skatepark design and eventually help motivate the city to secure the $250,000 in funding to commission Spohn Ranch for the project, lots of credit is due to one particular Union City resident.

Union City Skatepark

It was Patrick Gillespie of Union City who emailed Mayor Vince Williams asking him why Union City did not have its own skatepark after his aunt had refused to drive him to another town to skate.

The Mayor wrote Patrick back and invited him for a meeting at City Hall a few months later. After the meeting, it was decided that a focus group led by Patrick would be formed to help generate ideas for what the new skatepark needed.  Overall, the skatepark has been a huge success for the community of Union City.

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