Willard Park Skatepark

Willard Park Skatepark

Willard Park Skatepark is a concrete skatepark in Indianapolis, Indiana, that features a large street plaza and flow bowl. The park is under construction and slated to open in June 2022.


LocationWillard Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
Address1901 E. Washington Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Coordinates39.766269, -86.128567
FeaturesFlow bowl, street plaza
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
DesignerHunger Skateparks
HoursDawn to dusk
Phone(317) 327-7275

Willard Park Skatepark Overview

Willard Park Skatepark is located in Willard Park, near downtown Indianapolis. The park was built in honor of the late local skater Ethan Williams.

Designed by Bloomington, Indiana-based Hunger Skateparks and driven to fruition by Indy Skatepark Advocates, a local community group, the park is the largest park ever built in the city.

The park is the first outdoor skatepark the city has built since 1999 when Major Taylor Skatepark was constructed.

Willard Park Skatepark
Willard Park Skatepark under construction by Hunger Skateparks.

The Indianapolis skatepark features a multi-section flow bowl that includes multiple hips, corners, extensions, and a capsule.

Willard Park Skatepark
Flow bowl at Willard Park Skatepark

The bowl is bordered on two sides by street plaza areas that connect together at a right angle. The street plaza features quarterpipes, banks, handrails, hubbas, ledges, manny boxes, a gapped A-frame, and a fun box.

Willard Park Skatepark
Street plaza design at Willard Park Skatepark.

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