Sheppard Park Skatepark (aka Highland Skatepark)

Highland Skatepark

The Highland skatepark, known officially as Sheppard Park Skatepark, is a 7,000 square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Highland, Indiana that first opened in 2018.

The skatepark is packed with features, including a below-grade mini ramp, several sets of stairs with ledges and rails, and a centrally located large volcano ramp.

Sheppard Park Skatepark maximizes the smaller 7,000 square feet of space by implementing a skatepark design that incorporates many street-style and transitional-style terrain.

Skatepark Details

LocationHighland, Indiana
Address9217 Liable Road Highland, Indiana 46322
Coordinates41.54609, -87.44125
FeaturesHubbas, flat rails, handrails, mini ramp, quarterpipe, stairs, Long Gap, banks, kickers, ledges, manual pads
Size7,000 Square Feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, BMX bikes, in-line skates, and scooters.
HoursDusk til Dawn
FeeNo cost
Phone(219) 838-0114
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch Skateparks

Sheppard Park Skatepark Overview

Sheppard Park Skatepark is located about 45 minutes Southeast of downtown Chicago and only minutes away from the south shore of Lake Michigan.

The Highland skatepark not only attracts skaters from Highland but from many of the surrounding communities as well. The park serves many skaters from East Chicago, Gary, Hammond, Griffith, Hartsdale, and New Elliot.

Highland Skatepark
Images courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

There are three distinct features of the skatepark that set it apart from other parks in the area. The below-grade mini ramp is a nice touch where skaters can do bean plants, nose stalls, Smith grinds, and various other mini ramp tricks.

The volcano ramp in the middle of the skatepark acts as anchor point where skaters can try to jump the volcano or simply ride up, stall, and roll down to keep up momentum as they move from the street plaza to the mini ramp.  

The street plaza starts with a quarterpipe drop-in and leaves the skater with multiple choices. There are three different grind rails, two ledges, and a few different stair sets of various sizes.

Highland Skatepark
Highland Skatepark

After you clear a stair set, you can roll into the volcano ramp or hang to the right side of the park to hit a kicker onto a manual pad. To the left side, there is an additional grind rail and a ledge.

Highland Skatepark

There is one large quarterpipe in the center that comes after the volcano ramp and that separates the street plaza from the mini ramp.

Construction of the Highland Skatepark took only 10-weeks to complete once the Spohn Ranch design was approved by local residents, the Highland Department of Parks and Recreation, and the City Council.

The Highland Skatepark was constructed in Sheppard Park to become an additional feature among the existing playground, pavilion, baseball fields, soccer pitches, and public restrooms. 

The skatepark facility is open to skaters, BMX riders, and in-line skaters of all ages and skill levels, seven days a week, from dawn until dusk. There are no lights at the facility to accommodate night skating, therefore the park typically closes 30 minutes after sunset.

All skaters are highly encouraged to wear helmets and pads and to skate at their risk. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

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