Pink Motel Shred Fest 2023

Pink Motel Shred Fest

The Pink Motel Shred Fest is a pool skating event held at the legendary Pink Motel in Sun Valley, California, on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The event attracts skateboarding luminaries to shred the Pink Motel pool, a classic legendary skate spot.

Event Details

DatesMay 20, 2023
VenuePink Motel
Address9457 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Pink Motel Shred Fest Overview

Pink Motel ring a bell? Older skaters may remember the fish-shaped Pink Motel pool from the Powell Peralta video Search for Animal Chin.

Pink Hotel Shred Fest 3 will feature a skate contest, including pro pool, legends pool, and mini ramp jams. The event attracts some of the biggest names in pool skating, and past attendees have included lions likes of Steve Caballero, Christain Hosoi, and Steve Alba, as well as today’s top young rippers.

Pink Motel Shredfest

The event will also include live music, playing on two stages. Bands will include Pully, Urethane, One Less Zero, Los Pinche Pinches, Jason Cruz and Howl, Power Flex 5, Stalag 13, Pop’s Hosoi Swinging, Swinging Johnny, and Caleb “Dumbtatt.”

Here’s some video from the first Shred Fest, so you’ll know what you’re signing up for.

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