Best Orlando Skateparks

Northeast Regional Skatepark, El Paso, Texas

Orlando, Florida, is best known for its theme parks – Disney World especially – but skaters will be looking for a different sort of park. Below we’ll highlight some of the best Orlando skateparks, as well as some in nearby cities.

Orlando Skate Park

Orlando Skatepark

Orlando Skatepark is one of the older skateparks in Orlando, Florida. The park is located at 400 Festival Way, Orlando, FL 32803, and spans over 26,000 square feet. The park offers a range of features, including a massive flow bowl, a Mickey Mouse shaped-bowl and a street plaza.

Deputy Brandon Coates Community Skate Park

Deputy Brandon Coasts Community Skatepark is an outdoor concrete skatepark that is essentially a long street plaza. The park was designed by Team Pain and has gotten good reviews. It doesn’t have a bowl, but does have soem trasition elements mided into the street features.

Address: 3815 Substation Rd, Orlando, FL

Sunset Island Skatepark (aka Eustis Skatepark)

Eustis Skatepark

Located about 25 miles north of downtowl Orlando, Sunset Island Skatepark is a 9,000 square foot park outdoor concrete skatepark in in Eustis, Florida. Designed and built by Team Pain Skate Parks, this Orlando-area skatepark includes a flow bowl that varies in depth from 5 to 7 feet.

The park also features a street plaza with ramps, rails and ledges. The Eustis park is free to use and skateboarders are not required to wear protective headgear. Address: 409 W. Ward Avenue, Eustis 32726

Winter Haven Skatepark

Winter Haven Skatepark is a 17,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Winter Haven, Florida, a town about 40 miles southewest of downtown Orlando. Designed and built by Team Pain, this park opened in 2020 and features two distinct sections, a flow bowl and elongated street plaza. It looks fun.

Address: 275 Lake Silver, Dr NW Winter Haven, FL 33881

Port Orange Skatepark

Port Orange Skatepark

Port Orange Skatepark is a 13,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark located about 50 miles northeast of downtown Orlando, along the Atlantic coast. The park inclue a large flow bowl and smaller flow bowl, as well as street area with ledges, banks, hips and other features.

Address: 4655 City Center Circle, Port Orange, FL 32129

Bethune Point Skatepark

Bethune Skatepark
Bethune Point Skatepark. Photo courtesy Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Bethune Point Skatepark is a 16,000 square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Daytona Beach, Florida that first opened in 2009. Located about 50 miles northeast of Orlando, along the atlantic coast, the park is packed with features, including a quarterpipe, large kidney-shaped bowl and plenty of street features.

Mulberry Skatepark

Mulberry Skatepark
Image courtesy of Spohn Ranch Skateparks.

The Mulberry Skate Park, also referred to as the Loyce E. Harpe Skatepark, is a 6,500-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Mulberry, Florida that first opened in 2020. Around 56 miles from central Orlando, this park is getting a big further afield, but its worth an excursion.

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