Leesburg Skatepark (aka Eric Brown Skate Plaza)

Leesburg Skatepark

Leesburg Skatepark is a 12,000 square-foot concrete skatepark in Leesburg, Virginia, that includes a street plaza and bowl.


LocationCatoctin Park, Leesburg, Virginia
Address141 Catoctin Circle SE
Leesburg, VA 20176
Coordinates39.106855, -77.559214
FeaturesBowl, street plaza
Size12,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates, bikes
DesignerSpohn Ranch
HoursDawn to 10 pm
Phone(608) 266-4711

Leesburg Skatepark Overview

Leesburg Skatepark

Leesburg Skatepark, which is officially called Eric Brown Street Plaza, is located in Leesburg’s Catoctin Park. The park was designed by California-based Spohn Ranch and opened in 2017, replacing an older park known as Catoctin Skatepark.

Leesburg Skatepark
Street plaza. Photo by Juliye Wood.

The skatepark is a large rectangle, with most of the space dedicated to a street plaza. The plaza has stairs, handrails, quarterpipes, banks, China banks, hips, flat rails, and a distinctive tall, thin quarterpipe.

Leesburg Skatepark
Cover photo and here by Geof Koss.

The bowl at Leesburg Skatepark is 5 feet in the shallow end and 7 feet in the deep end. It has a spine, waterfall, hip, and corner extension that’s 9 feet high, with steel coping all the way around.

Here’s some video from the park:

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