Milliken Skatepark (aka Hillsboro Skatepark)

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado

The Milliken Skatepark, also known as the Hillsboro Skatepark, is a 14,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Milliken, Colorado that first opened in 2014. 

The skatepark was entirely funded by a $314,399 grant through Great Outdoors Colorado, a lottery program that was created to preserve and update parks throughout the state. 

Skatepark Details

LocationMilliken, Colorado
Address1015 Elm Street Milliken, Colorado 80543
Coordinates40.32919, -104.85668
FeaturesFlowpark, roll-in, corners, quarter pipes, gaps, wallrides, kickers, a pyramid box, a rounded-off volcano, and a large bowl. 
Size14,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
Hours8 am to 9 pm
FeeNo Cost
Phone(970) 660-8750
Design/BuildEvergreen Skateparks

Milliken Skatepark Skatepark Overview

This Evergreen-designed skatepark is a flow park heaven for transition-style skaters. The Milliken Skatepark layout is designed so that a skater can flow in and around the park continuously with little to no need for pumping. By moving through the park with a strategic sequence in mind, a skater can hit various ramps, banks, corners, and more, to maintain continuous momentum. 

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado
Photos courtesy of Evergreen Skateparks

One of the highlights of the Milliken Skatepark is its giant rocket ship-shaped bowl with varying depths and two distinct sections. The upper part of the bowl forms a nice elongated mini-ramp rounded off by a nice high curved wall at the apex of the rocket. The other end of the mini-ramp section has a waterfall that flows down into the deep end of the bowl. 

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado

The deep end of the bowl is a typical rounded-rectangle shape that has an extra-high spine section along the bottom edge of the bowl. The spine separates the bowl from another section of the skatepark that contains numerous mounds, banks, and corners all containing grindable coping. 

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado

At the top of the large bowl section, there is a mini-flow section that rounds off the entire park. From the flow section, you can either drop down into the bowl or hang to one side and ride up a pyramid box that drops down into another deeper flow section. 

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado

At the far end of the skate park, there is a section that sits above the park with a few benches to sit and rest and watch other skaters. This area sits on the edge of one long quarterpipe with a nice steady round corner section. In the open space below, you can find two rounded-off volcanos and a nice kicker gap.

Milliken Skatepark, Colorado

The kicker gap has an interesting angle to it, so make sure you take notice before trying to clear the gap from one kicker to the other. In fact, it may actually be better if you get enough speed to launch off one kicker and clear the other and instead land on the embankment that can take you down into the deep flow section. 

The Milliken Skatepark is open from 8 am to 9 pm to skaters of all ages and skill levels who are equipped with a proper helmet. Gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are highly recommended.

Here’s some video of the park:

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