Cooper Park Skatepark

Cooper Park Skatepark

The Cooper Park Skatepark is a 10,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Brooklyn, New York that first opened in 2015. The park has a heavy focus on street elements with a few transition elements intermixed. 

This well-designed Spohn Ranch skate park and its well-laid-out street plaza fit well in Cooper Park and in the sprawling urban environment of Brooklyn, New York. The street terrain looks like a simple continuance of the city itself. 

Skatepark Details

LocationBrooklyn, New York
AddressSharon Street & Olive Street Brooklyn
New York 11211
Coordinates40.71555, -73.93646
FeaturesQuarterpipe, pole, manual pad, London gap, hubbas, handrails, flat rails, ledges, and banks. 
Size10,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
Hours6 am to 1 am
LightsNo direct lighting but there are lights located throughout Cooper Park.
FeeNo Cost
Phone(212) 639-9675
Design/BuildSpohn Ranch

Cooper Park Skatepark Overview

Cooper Park Skatepark
Images courtesy of Sphon Ranch Skateparks

Although the Cooper Park Skatepark is a bit smaller at 10,000 square feet, the skateable terrain is ample and the park is beautifully designed. The street plaza elements flow well from one obstacle to the other as they rest perfectly among some large trees.

At one end of the park, there is a nice long quarterpipe with grindable coping and a mouse-hole that sits smack dab in the middle of the pipe. Many skaters like to skate up to the quarter pipe and grind or slide the coping over the mouse-hole to drop back down into the street plaza with some speed.

Cooper Park Skatepark

On the other end of the skate park, there is a good-sized quarterpipe that you can flow down and directly into a two-part funbox. Hang to the right and have your choice of grinding or sliding on a rainbow pole, a hubba, or one of the ledges. Hang a bit to the left and you will find a manual pad with a flat rail on the right side, a smooth surface in the middle, and a metal edge to grind on the left.

Once you pop off the funbox or one of its many obstacles, you can cruise directly into the mouse-hole quarterpipe, turn around, and hit the same funbox for a second time.

Cooper Park Skatepark

In one corner of the park, you can find a large pyramid face to skate up that many skaters enjoy for its originality and complement to the rest of the street plaza. It makes an excellent turnaround spot that also rounds off the park to keep movement flowing for all. 

Another main element of the Cooper Park Skatepark is a manual pad that contains two benches and a handrail. On one end of the pad, there is a bank to roll up from which you can hit the handrail or one of the benches. The other end of the manual pad is elevated so you will need to ollie up onto the pad, stick the manual and ride it out to the end.

Cooper Park Skatepark

Anyone who would like to use the Cooper Park Skatepark facilities is welcome to do so once they sign a waiver, and only if they are wearing a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. Wristguards are also required for skaters under 18.

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