South Portland Skatepark – Maine

South Portland Skatepark

The South Portland Skatepark in South Portland, Maine, is a 10,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark that opened in June of 2023 with the help of the design team at Pillar Design Studios. 

The well-designed skatepark contains many different skate obstacles for skaters of all skill levels. With plenty of open flat spaces for beginners to practice their ollies and kickflips, and a large flow bowl surrounded by many hubbas, ledges, and rails, there is something here for every type of skater.

South Portland Maine Skatepark Details

LocationSouth Portland, Maine
Address25 Nelson Road South Portland, Maine 04106
Coordinates43.62197, -70.27052
FeaturesOpen flow bowl, quarter pipes, ledges, flat rails, hubbas, handrails, spine, vert wall, and manual pads. 
Size10,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes, and scooters.
HoursSunrise to sunset
FeeNo Cost
Phone(207) 767-7650
Design/BuildPillar Design Studios

Skatepark Overview

When you first approach the park, you will notice that there are several distinct sections of the park to explore with the open-flow bowl resting in the middle. At one end of the skatepark, you have two arms that shoot off with quarter pipes capping them off. The longer of the two arms contains the much larger quarterpipe that skaters drop in on to get a good amount of speed.

Dropping in on the larger quarterpipe, you will find a ledge to the right, a manual pad to the left, and a low-sitting flat rail down the middle. From there you can vear to the right where you will find a downward slope containing a flat rail and a hubba that lead into the smaller quarterpipe.

South Portland Skatepark Maine

Because the smaller quarterpipe is at the end of the downward slope, many skaters use this spot to grind the coping or pop a stall as they turn around to re-enter the center of the park. 

On the complete opposite side of the park, you will find one extra-long narrow section with two quarterpipes on either side. Drop in on either of the quarter pipes and you will find an extra-long bank with a ledge with grindable edges on the top.

The bank with ledge almost goes the entire length of this section forming the outer edge of the park layout. Opposite of this bank-ledge combo are two small manual pads that separate this section from the open-flow bowl.

The large open-flow bowl is not very deep, but it has a few different components to it that make it unique. There are two vert walls, a spine, and four different pockets that keep skaters in a perpetual groove in and around the bowl. 

The park itself is quite modest, however, it has plenty of terrain for skaters of all skill levels. The South Portland Maine Skatepark cost a total of $512,000 to build with the local skateboarding community raising $140,00 of the funds through their own crowdsourcing efforts. 

The Skatepark is open from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week while weather permits. 

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