Brownsville Skatepark

Brownsville Skatepark

Brownsville Skatepark is a 13,000-square-foot outdoor concrete and wood skatepark in Brownsville, Texas that first opened in 2018. The park was built and designed by the Pivot Custom design and construction team in junction with the American Ramp Company. 

The Brownsville Skatepark by Pivot Custom is a creatively designed blend of street and transition-style elements that focus generally around one large pyramid ramp structure. 

Skatepark Details

LocationBrownsville, Texas
AddressBrownsville Skatepark
1000 Sports Park Blvd
Brownsville, Texas 78526
Coordinates26.00291, -97.52437
FeaturesMini-ramp, bowl, quarterpipe, roll-in, spine, volcano, London gap, manual pad, hubbas, curbs, corners, kickers, handrails, flat rails, stairs, banks.
Size13,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, in-line skates, BMX bikes
ConstructionConcrete, galvanized metal frames, wood, phenolic surfaces. 
HoursSunrise to 9 pm
FeeNo cost
Phone(956) 574-6650
Design/BuildAmerican Ramp Company/Pivot Custom

Brownsville Skatepark Overview

When you first walk up the Brownsville Skatepark, the first thing you may notice is that the majority of the park takes the form of one giant pyramid ramp. Within the pyramid, you can find a mini-ramp, multiple stair sets, rails, hubbas, ledges, banks, and more. The design is actually quite genius. 

Brownsville Skatepark
Photos courtesy of American Ramp Company/Pivot Customs.

Many skaters love to come to the Brownsville Skatepark due to the mini-ramp. The mini-ramp is a place where skaters love to conjugate and watch one another take their turn ripping up the mini-ramp. 

One aspect of the mini-ramp that is quite original is that it is actually part of a giant 180-degree ramp. Skaters can either use it as a mini-ramp, grinding the coping, catching air, and practicing hand plants, or they can go into the apex of the 180-degree ramp, turnaround, and skate across to one massive super tall quarterpipe.

Brownsville Skatepark

When it comes to stair sets, the Brownsville Skatepark has three different sets built into the large pyramid structure. There is one large and wide six-stair with a handrail down the middle and two hubbas, one on each side- There is also a smaller four-stair with a ledge and a handrail off to one side. The last stair set is a massive three stair with an incredibly long runway. 

Brownsville Skatepark

A good distance from the pyramid structure, there are two long tracks that take you to a corner ramp and a volcano. On one of the tracks is a wall ride. On the other track are a manual pad and a separate ledge that you can hit on your way to and from the main pyramid structure.

Aside from that, there are a few other flat rails and ledges speckled across the park and a super long quarterpipe that houses the super tall quarterpipe in the middle.

The Brownsville Skatepark is located only a few miles from the Mexican border and a short car ride from South Padre Island, which also has a skatepark. The park has lights for night skating, which many skaters in the area enjoy. 

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