Mammoth Lakes Skatepark (aka Volcom Brothers Skatepark)

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark

The Mammoth Lakes Skatepark, also known as the Volcom Brothers Skatepark, is a massive 40,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skate park located in Mammoth Lakes, California. The skatepark first opened in 2006.

In addition to being a killer destination skatepark, the Grindline-designed skatepark is a great way for snowboarders to keep up on their skills during the summer months when the mountain is barren of snow and the runs are closed. 

Skatepark Details

LocationMammoth Lakes, California
Address1390 Meridian BoulevardMammoth Lakes, California 93546
Coordinates37.64022, -118.94912
FeaturesThree distinct bowls, quarter pipes, roll-ins, banks, ledges, rollers, bumps, pyramid box, flat rails, kickers, and an oververt capsule. 
Size40,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards and in-line skates 
HoursSunrise to Sunset during Summer hours. Closed between November and May.
FeeNo Cost
Phone(760) 965-3697

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark Overview

The massive 40,000 square-foot Mammoth Lakes Skatepark is a testament to the dedication that skateboarders and snowboarders have to their craft and to the desire they possess to maintain that flow year round. 

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark
Photo courtesy of Grindline Skateparks.

The main feature of Brothers Skatepark, as it’s called for shorthand, is two massive open bowls and the smaller deep pocket bowl that the park contains. The two main open bowls take up a significant portion of the overall 40,000 square feet that the park has to offer.

The first larger open bowl has plenty of coping to grind, walls to ride, and even a large over-vert capsule where skaters can try to gain enough speed to get inverted for a short period of time. 

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark
Looking at the park from the back of the capsule.

The second bowl is a bit smaller than the first, however, it does get deeper and although it is open on one end, the bowl contains two distinct pocket sections that more closely resemble a traditional circular and pill-shaped bowl. 

The last bowl is quite small, however, it is deep and resembles one of the died out swimming pools where skateboarding was born in the 1970s in backyards across Southern California.

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark

One of the nice features of the street plaza section is the tree cover and how the vegetation is intertwined effortlessly into the park itself. Skate among the pines as you hit a few different flat rails, launch yourself off the kicker, or grind one of the many ledges. The trees also provide some nice shade and some relief from the afternoon heat to catch a drink of water or to sit and talk with your friends. 

Mammoth Lakes Skatepark

The Mammoth Lakes Skatepark is open to skaters of all ages and skill levels seven days a week from sunrise to sunset typically between the months of May and November. The skatepark generally closes after the first snowfall and opens in the spring once weather permits. 

If you would like to skate at this massive skatepark in Mammoth Lakes, California you will be required to wear a helmet at all times, and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

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