Central Avenue Mini Park

Central Avenue Mini Park

Central Avenue Mini Park is a 6,300 square-foot skatepark in San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood that includes a street plaza with a few transitioned elements.

This was the first skatepark in City Heights and is located just across Interstate 15 from the neighborhood’s larger and newer Park de la Cruz skatepark.


LocationCity Heights, San Diego, California
Address3642-3680 Central Ave
San Diego, CA 92105
Coordinates32.745517, -117.108505
FeaturesStreet plaza, fun box, flat rail, curved quarterpipes, A-frame, ledges
Riding AllowedSkateboards, roller-skates, roller-blades, in-line skates
Hours10 am to 8 pm
Phone(619) 516-3082

Central Avenue Mini Park Overview

The Central Avenue Mini Park opened in 2016 (after a series of setbacks) as the first skatepark in city heights.

The 6,300 square foot facility is one of the smallest San Diego skateparks. It is arranged on a triangle of land next to Interstate 15, near a pedestrian bridge that connects it to Park de La Cruz, a much larger skatepark.

It’s rare to have two separate skateparks so close to one another, but the Central Avenue skatepark offers a mellow set of features and is popular among kids who live in the local neighborhood — and you won’t catch us complaining about an excess of skateparks.

Central Avenue Mini Park

Overall, Central Avenue Mini Park is a fun little skatepark that has some nice possibilities for lines. The park has some creative features, including a wavey pump bump with a ramp on one side and a volcano with a spine extending from one side.

Central Avenue Mini Park
Volcano feature
Central Avenue Mini Park
A spine extends from one side of the volcanoe

One side of the park is elevated, with a bank (complete with Euro gap, and handrail) for getting up and down. This side also has a collection of ledges and steps, as well as a bowl-like quarterpipe with pool coping.

Central Avenue Mini Park
Bowl corner with pool tile and coping
Central Avenue Skatepark
The park has a nice set of scalloped ledges.

One fun line is to cruise down the bank from the elevated side, hit the A-frame in the middle, then carve the far corner, which features a bowled quarterpipe.

Central Avenue Mini Park
A-frame with rail.
Central Avenue Mini Park
Bowled quarter pipe.

If you happen to be in the area, Central Avenue Mini Park is a neat little pocket park to check out. That said, Park de la Cruz is just a few hundred yards away and is pretty epic.

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