Chicano Park Skatepark

Chicano Park Skatepark

Chicano Park Skatepark is a DIY street-plaza-style concrete skatepark located in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood, just south of the city’s center. The community-built skatepark features a mix of street features with a few small-scale transition features mixed in – mostly quarterpipes.


LocationChicano Park, Barrio Logan, San Diego, California
AddressChicano Park
San Diego, CA 92113
Coordinates32.699263, -117.144474
FeaturesStreet plaza
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates, bikes
HoursDawn to dusk

Chicano Park Skatepark Overview

Chicano Park Skatepark is situated in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood, near downtown San Diego and the shipyards and U.S. Navy facilities that line the south side of San Diego Bay.

The area is an epicenter of Mexican American culture since the early 1900s, and Chicano Park is internationally known for its many colorful murals celebrating Chicano culture. There are even a few murals now dedicated to skating, which seem to have small shrines around them to skaters who have passed.

The skatepark at Chicano Park is located under the Coronado Bridge, which crosses San Diego Bay to Coronado Island. The DIY park was built by skaters and includes a number of quirky features.

Chicano Park Skatepark
Chicano Park Skatepark is located under the Coronado Bridge.

The park is arranged as a large square, with long quarterpipes on two facing sides and a number of other features in the center. The quarterpipes provide a launching point for having speed as you crisscross the center of the plaza and hit these center features. The quarter pipes have extensions in places to keep things interesting.

The largest feature in the center of the Chicano Park Skatepark plaza is an A-frame with a rail along one side and a manual pad/ledge on the other.

The most distinctive feature, however, is a large box with quarterpipes up each side and a top designed to look like a car – maybe a lowrider in homage Chicano culture? (Random side note: a car careened off the entrance to the bridge above a few years back and landed on some people in the park. What are the chances?)

The park builders also took advantage of some planter boxes around the bridge pillars to create some skatable ledges. One has small ramps that form a gap.

Keep in mind when you’re considering heading to Chicano Park Skatepark that it’s a DIY park and not perfectly smooth like you’d expect at a professionally built park. The flat ground around the features has some cracks and other imperfections that can catch a wheel. That said, this is a fun park worth a visit, partly for skating purposes and partly to take in the murals.

If you’re looking for something a bit more polished, check out Memorial Skatepark, in Logan Heights, or Kimball Skatepark, in National City, both of which are just a few minutes’ drive away. Also worth a visit is another San Diego DIY project, Washington Street Skatepark.

For information on other skateparks in the region, check out our full guide to San Diego skateparks.

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