Montauk Skatepark

Montauk Skatepark

Montauk Skatepark is a 16,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in Montauk, New York, located on the northern end of Long Island. The skatepark, which includes bowls and street plaza, was rebuilt in 2022.


LocationMontauk, Long Island, New York
Address110 Essex Street
Montauk, NY 11954
Coordinates41.037981, -71.942937
FeaturesBowl, street plaza
Size16,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates, bikes
HoursDawn to dusk
Design/BuildAmerican Ramp Company/Pivot Custom

Montauk Skatepark Overview

Montauk Skatepark
Aerial photos courtesy of Elias Parise

The town of Montauk, New York, is located at the northern end of Long Island and has a long history of surf and skate culture. The original Montauk skatepark was built in 1999, and designed by New York skate legend Andy Kessler, who died in 2009.

Montauk Skatepark

While the park was much loved, it was in rough condition after 20 years of exposure to coastal air and hard skating and was redesigned and expanded in 2022. Funding for the renovation came from the city and private fundraising organized by the Montauk Skateboard Coalition

Montauk Skatepark

American Ramp Company designed the original 9,000 square feet of the park to align with Kessler’s original plans while adding a 7,000-foot expansion. Their sister company Pivot Custom handled the construction.

The park is slated to open in the summer of 2022. The park includes an impressive array of features, all within view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The new and improved Montauk Skatepark includes two large bowls, one a peanut-shaped backyard pool and the other a butterfly-shaped flow bowl. A snake run from the street plaza around the outside of the peanut bowl and into another flow bowl.

Montauk Skatepark

A street plaza completes the park, with a variety of street skating/street park features. These include quarterpipes, banks, hubbas, a volcano, ledges, and several rails.

Here’s a video tour of the new park:

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