Spring Valley Skatepark (aka Calavo Park Skatepark)

Spring Valley Skatepark design

Spring Valley Skatepark is a skatepark project planned for the eastern San Diego town of Spring Valley, an effort that began in 2018. The latest designs for the park call for a 23,000 square-foot-skatepark that includes a 4.5 – 5.5 feet deep flow bowl, 6-10 foot deep “soul bowl,” and a large street skating plaza.

After purchasing 9.3 acres of land off Calavo Drive, north of Jamacha Boulevard, plans are in motion to transform the space into a state-of-the-art skatepark. Given its proximity to residential areas and schools, the location is optimally positioned to serve as a community hub. The park will be park of the Calavo Park complex.

Here’s a simulation of the park:

Spring Valley Skatepark Map
Aerial schematic showing where the skatepark will be located within the park. See #14 at the bottom left.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has been conducting an ongoing dialogue with the local community to shape the park’s design. The process began in August 2019, when the first of three public meetings was held at the Spring Valley Community Center. This session, along with an online survey for those unable to attend, led to the development of two conceptual design options.

At a follow-up meeting in December 2019, the department presented the options and conducted another survey to gauge community preference. A final meeting in September 2020 focused on the all-wheel park design component.

Newline Skateparks, a leading skatepark design and build company, has been chosen for the project.

To date, the project has secured $16.45 million in funding, which will cover land acquisition, design, environmental analysis, and construction. Design and environmental analysis, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act, are currently in progress, with completion expected by Fall 2022.

Skateboard Heavan
Ramp at Skateboard Heaven. Photo by Jerry May.

The park will renew Spring Valley’s legacy as a skateboarding hub, harkening back to the 1970s skatepark, Skateboard Heaven. The park was once located at 1020 Sweetwater Road in Spring Valley.

Skateboarder Magazine spread on Skateboard Heaven
Skateboarder Magazine spread on Skateboard Heaven

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